WWE Hell in a Cell: Previews, predictions for all matches

Just two months after his WWE return, Cody Rhodes has already reached the top of the map.

The rivalry between Rhodes and Seth Rollins will reach its climax when the two go head-to-head hell in a cell On Sunday. Assuming their Hell in a Cell match continues last, it will be the first pay-per-view Rhodes has headlined since his return to WWE Wrestlemania 38 In April.

The timing of Rhodes’ return was a happy coincidence for both him and WWE. With undisputed WWE All-Time Champion Roman Reigns now operating on at least a slightly reduced schedule, the company needs another top star. Rhodes is the right person for this spot. After a six-year absence, the former Executive Vice President of AEW is a fresh face for WWE audiences. Fans have never seen this version of Rhodes in WWE before. He was allowed to be himself and maintain the presentation that made him a superstar outside of WWE. So far Rhodes’ return to the company has been as great a success as one could hope for. hell in a cell is an opportunity for Rhodes to show he is capable of carrying a WWE PPV as the main attraction.

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