World of Warcraft unveils the new Blood Knight’s Devotion armor set

Activision Blizzard continues to update World of Warcraft how to prepare for what is to come dragonflight expansion and made many changes and additions. Heritage armor dedicated to each race was slowly fed into the droplets World of Warcraft Community since Allied Races were introduced and the latest is dedicated to the Blood Knight.

Paladins were originally exclusive to the Alliance in World of Warcraft until the release of The Burning Crusade, when blood elves were introduced with the previously inaccessible class. Many World of Warcraft Fans have become horde paladins since this change, and blood elf paladins can unlock the Blood Knight’s Devotion armor set with the new patch. Other main World of Warcraft Races that share similar traditional armor sets include dwarves, goblins, gnomes, tauren, and worgen, all of which are strong transmogrification options.


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That World of Warcraft The Twitter account recently teased the Blood Knight armor set with a video showing a blood elf paladin slowly progressing through the armor tiers to reach the coveted Blood Knight’s Dedication armor set. Predominantly red and purple with green accents, this armor features intricate detailing from the helmet to the boots, with the video zoomed in to show the smaller pieces. Appropriately enough, this Bloodknight armor looks like it could be slotted into one of several Burning Crusade Complete game heists while maintaining a unique feel that can take quite a bit World of Warcraft players unlock it.

World of Warcraft Fans with Blood Elf Paladins can unlock the Blood Knight’s Devotion armor set by completing a quest line introduced in patch 9.2.5 called Ensemble: Blood Knight’s Devotion. This World of Warcraft The questline takes blood elf paladins to Bastion, Quel’Thalas, and Deathscar near Silvermoon City as they defend the key strongholds from a Scourge invasion. In addition to being rewarded with the Bloodknight Sanctification armor set, blood elf paladins will also receive the Green Hawkstrider mount, which was also added in Update 9.2.5.

Some World of Warcraft Fans have hinted that Activision Blizzard is recoloring previous armor sets with the Blood Knight Dedication set, but others have expressed excitement for the exclusive Blood Elf gear. World of Warcraft Fans unhappy with the Blood Knight’s Devotion Cloak can convert it into a cloak, curtain, or cloak, giving players choices in the set. World of Warcraft There are still armor sets dedicated to races and allied races, but the Blood Knight’s Devotion is an interesting case that serves as a race/class combination while gaining something unique.

World of Warcraft is now available for Mac and PC.

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