What Happened in the Fortnite Event: Chapter 3 Season 2 Finale Recap

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has just come to an end after another explosive finale. The Fortnite event gave players control of The Seven’s reborn Doggus mech suit in a battle for the island. Important historical implications emerged from today’s event. So in case you missed it, here’s everything that happened and how to make sense of another explosive story event in Fortnite.

What happened in the Fortnite event?

The event began with players and up to three friends being loaded onto a ship of sorts at what appears to be The Seven’s home base, the moon orbiting Fortnite’s island. As The Origin, The Foundation, and Jonesy worked to ensure the final parts of their plan were in place, players were able to shoot down asteroids in a mini-game – one that would soon prove more of a tutorial. Funnily enough, Jonesy was trying to make ends meet as an official member of The Seven. He even gave himself a name: The Legend. The Foundation wasn’t really on board, but that didn’t stop Jonesy from making the name known throughout the event.