Video of women being brutally assaulted sparks public outrage in China

Illustrative security footage showing scenes of the incident was posted on social media on Friday, sparking national outrage and sparking heated discussions online about women’s safety and rights in China.

Time-stamped surveillance footage widely circulated online shows a man entering a barbecue restaurant around 2:40 a.m. local time on Friday and walking past a woman who was sitting and eating with her companions. The man approaches one of the women and puts his hand on her back before she grabs his wrist and pushes him away.

The woman can be heard questioning him, surveillance footage shows. After the woman resists, the man responds by slapping the woman in the face.

A scuffle between the two begins, surveillance footage shows. The woman tries to get him away by trying to hit him with a glass bottle.

Surveillance footage shows the woman’s friends attempting to break up the fight and are beaten by the man and a group of other men who burst into the restaurant.

The footage shows several women being punched, kicked, grabbed and pulled to the ground by their hair.

The vivid video footage showing the women being beaten sparked a nationwide outcry about women’s safety. After the video was released, Tangshan police released a statement Friday afternoon saying they had identified the suspects and were searching for them.

In another statement released on Friday, Tangshan police said two women were taken to hospital after an attack and are in stable condition, while two other women suffered minor injuries.

On Saturday, local police sent an update saying they had arrested all nine suspects, including seven men and their two female companions. The update said the two female victims, who sustained non-life-threatening injuries, were being treated at hospital and are in stable condition.

The incident was widely discussed on Chinese social media over the weekend, sparking public anger in the country. Some people online question the safety of women in China, while others debate systemic violence against women in the country.

Many celebrities have also come to show their support for the victims. Actor Jackie Chan wrote on his Weibo account: “I’m so angry I can’t sleep all night. What saddens me the most is that only women stepped in to help each other while the men standing by did nothing.”

According to a statement by Langfang police late Saturday, provincial authorities ordered the criminal investigation into the case to be transferred to Langfang, a separate city in Hebei province.

Such a step is usually taken when the investigation is sensitive or important, or when the cases involve gang crime and local placement must be avoided.

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