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It’s time to celebrate with Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin’! Bounce around in the new Reality Falls, ride creatures and the new Screwballer roller coaster and enjoy a new arsenal. Celebrate the good vibes in season 3.

have fun

A new biome called Reality Falls has formed, containing the freshly blooming Reality Tree. This lush forest features bouncy mushrooms, beautiful trees, and a cave beneath its falls that contains loot.

Don’t forget to harvest

The reality seed pods sprout from the reality tree. Plant these seeds to grow a reality seedling – growing in the same spot, matching to matching. Be sure to return to these planted saplings, as each time you weed them, they’ll yield better loot, even up to Mythic quality. Open the map page to see the status of your sapling, including when it’s time to weed it again.

Have you already planted a tree? Throw a Reality Seed to teleport the sapling to where it lands! When your sapling eventually withers, it leaves behind a reality seed for you to plant.

Be a high roller

Ballers have returned to the island. To keep the good times rolling, ride a Baller on the newly built (and totally safe) Screwballer Coaster.

Baller’s has had a few updates since it was last on the island. It has improved health, floats on water and now runs on battery power. Hop on a new baller when your current one runs out of juice.

Take a wild animal ride

The high-speed fun doesn’t end with ballers. Track down a wild boar or wolf, jump on its back and then prepare for a wild ride. Take enemy fire? Do not worry! Equip your weapons as you ride for mounted combat.

Gear up

Show off your combat skills with brand new and returning weapons. Smash your opponents with the Hammer Assault Rifle (powerful at many ranges), land a double hit with the Two-Shot Shotgun, and take aim with the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), an all-new weapon class.

Also grab some of this season’s returning favorites like Heavy Sniper Rifles, Striker Burst Rifles, Shockwaves and Rift-To-Gos.

The storm is raging

The power of the storm increased in Season 3. If you spend too much time on it, you’ll get cumulatively affected by Storm’s Sickness, which will accelerate the Storm’s decay on your health.

Storm sickness makes itself felt before it hits you, as you’ll get an alert when you’re about to get it. Luckily, the cure for storm sickness is to simply exit the storm. If you enter it again, however, you will immediately feel its rotting effect again.

Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass

Now is not the time for arguments on the island. Purchasing this season’s Battle Pass will allow you to unlock Darth Vader himself, as well as the following characters before him:

  • Evie, unlocked instantly with the Battle Pass
  • snap
  • Adira
  • Storm Rider
  • Malik
  • sabine

Later in the season you can unlock the world-renowned archaeologist Indiana Jones in the Battle Pass.

Create your Snap

This customizable outfit can be found on page 1 of the Battle Pass. Once unlocked, you’ll gain access to Snap Quests that are available throughout the season. Complete these quests to unlock heads, arms, legs, and torsos for Snap. Mix and match to create your own snap in Chapter 3 Season 3.

PlayStation Plus Pack

Keep an eye out for the new PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack featuring the new Blizzard Bomber outfit in the coming weeks.

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