The US men’s soccer team is asking Congress for more gun control

The US men’s national soccer team has joined the current wave of pro-control sports greats with an open letter to the US Congress.

Echoing the talking points of Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, the letter asks Congress when it will enact changes to curb gun violence.

“We are writing to join the millions of people across the country who are asking one simple question: when will we do something about gun violence in America?” the letter begins. “As legislation moves through the House and Senate in the coming days, we ask that you stand with the majority of Americans who support tougher gun laws.”

Given that the US men’s soccer team includes players from Europe and other parts of the world with less gun violence than the United States, the letter further laments that the team is so often “asked as it is to be in a place like the United States can be such a terrible force of arms.”

“We are also asked why the people’s representatives are not taking action when most Americans want them to act,” the letter continued. “Those of us who play abroad professionally don’t experience any of that in our daily lives, and yet we are returning to a place where mass shootings are alarmingly common and the victims are often defenseless children.”

Without outlining any specific policy, the letter implores both representatives of the US House of Representatives and US Senators to “vote this week to address gun violence in America.”

“In the coming days, the US House of Representatives will vote on several bills that would address this serious issue. Please vote yes to all bills under consideration,” the letter reads.

“Please stop making campaign posts about children’s lives,” it concludes. “Stop being guided by any misguided notion that if you vote for a gun reform bill you will be voted out of office — or even refuse to even talk about it. Instead, do what is necessary to prevent this from ever happening again.”

According to ESPN, the U.S. men’s soccer team wore armbands in support of gun control during the team’s game against Uruguay over the weekend.

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