The number of migrant fears in May hits 220,000 – breaking the Clinton-era record

Border Patrol agents detained more than 220,000 migrants along the US-Mexico border in May, a record dating back to the Clinton era. Since March 1, agents have detained more than 633,000 migrants along the southwestern border.

A leaked Border Patrol report, verified by Breitbart Texas, reveals agents detained more than 220,000 migrants who illegally entered the US via the Southwest border in May. Border patrol records dating back to the Clinton administration show this sets a record for arrests in May.

Official US Customs and Border Protection reports show the arrests of 210,749 in March and 201,800 in April. Adding in the unofficial report of more than 220,000, the total for three months is more than 633,137. The combined reports also show that agents have detained more than 1.4 million migrants in eight months since the fiscal year began, Oct. 1, 2021.

News reports suggest a record caravan of 10,000 to 15,000 migrants left southern Mexico for the United States on Monday, Breitbart Texas reported. A group of about 9,500 crossed the border between Guatemala and Mexico with plans to travel to the United States, an organizer for the group told Fox News. The group consists mainly of migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The Rio Grande Valley sector remains the busiest of the nine southwestern border sectors. These agents arrested approximately 45,000 migrants. Closely followed by more than 44,000 arrests in the Del Rio sector. The El Paso and Yuma sectors account for an additional 67,000 migrants.

During Memorial Day weekend, Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens reported that his agents arrested nearly 4,000 of the 44,000 total in the sector in May. He also reported that 1,600 other migrants escaped without being arrested, Breitbart Texas reported.

Following the record arrests in April, CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus stated, “The fact is our borders are not open and we will continue to deport those who enter our country illegally and do not have a legal basis to stay.”

“After many months of planning, we are implementing a comprehensive strategy to keep our borders safe, orderly and humanely managed,” Magnus added.

In reality, the southwestern border with Mexico is far from safe, orderly and humane, as nearly two dozen migrants drowned in the Del Rio Border Patrol in April. Video reports from Eagle Pass and the Rio Grande Valley continue to show migrants crossing at will. Other reports show the inhumane and life-threatening circumstances involved in people smuggling at the border.

The government’s plans appear to be focused on increasing the speed at which migrants are processed and released into the US

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