The latest Donald Trump news – Fox News will not air hearing on January 6th, primetime coverage will go to the business channel

GOP congressman calls second Trump impeachment trial ‘the conservative vote’

Fox News has decided not to broadcast the Jan. 6 public hearings live, instead only showing “as the news requires” during prime time, the network said in a release.

Live coverage of the hearings will instead air on sister channel Fox Business, Monday’s publication said.

This makes Fox News the only major news network in the US not to live-stream the entire Jan. 6 committee hearings, which are scheduled to begin this Thursday.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been campaigning against the Jan. 6 Special Committee following the indictment of his former trade adviser Peter Navarro, a notorious promoter of false vote-stealing conspiracy theories who has now been formally charged with contempt of Congress.

“Wow!” the former president wrote about Truth Social, his bespoke social network. “Peter Navarro, our brilliant Harvard-educated White House Commerce Secretary … was simply handcuffed and shackled and thrown in jail for disobeying the orders of the unselected committee of political thugs.”


GOP incumbents face house primary in Democratic California

A number of Republican members of the US House of Representatives in heavily Democratic California face key challengers today in races that will help determine control of Congress.

No incumbent seems in danger of losing their primary, but districts will be among the nation’s marquee races in November.

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Trump-backed Senate candidate blames gun violence on blacks

ICYMI: Donald Trump confirmed in Arizona’s crucial Senate primary last week, picking Peter Thiel-backed nominee Blake Masters — and as with other Trump endorsements, attention is now focused on the selected nominee’s earlier words haunting him.

That Daily Beast reports that in an April interview on a right-wing podcast, Mr. Masters said: “It’s people in Chicago, St. Louis, shooting at each other. Very often, you know, black people, frankly. And the Democrats don’t want to do anything about it.”

Read more about Mr. Masters and the Trump endorsement below.

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Liz Cheney describes “extremely well-organized” and “terrifying” efforts to undermine the 2020 election

ICYMI: In an interview yesterday, Liz Cheney offered CBS News a preview of the committee’s upcoming Jan. 6 hearings — and her words suggest the evidence to be unveiled is serious indeed.

When asked if the events leading up to the uprising constituted a conspiracy, she replied that it did. She noted that she was disturbed by “how comprehensive this multifaceted effort was.”

She accused House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of backing Donald Trump out of “cowardly political calculation” and accused him of “lying about what happened on January 6.”

Watch a clip of her remarks below.

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Explainer: Hundreds charged with crimes in attack on Capitol

More than 800 people across the US have been indicted over the January 6 riots in the US Capitol that have left officials bloody and lawmakers in hiding, and federal authorities are making new arrests virtually every week.

Charges against members of the enraged pro-Trump mob range from minor offenses for those who only entered the Capitol to felonies of inflammatory conspiracy against right-wing extremists.

It is the largest indictment in the history of the Justice Department, whose chairman, Attorney General Merrick Garland, has vowed to hold “all January 6 perpetrators at all levels” accountable.

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When are the January 6 hearings?

The committee is expected to hold two hearings on Thursday 9 June and 23 June at 8pm prime time. Additional public sessions will be held between the prime-time hearings on June 13, June 15, June 16 and June 21 at 10:00 am.

The hearings are expected to outline how Donald Trump and some of his associates broke the law in trying to overturn the 2020 election.

Gustav Kilander has more:

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Aide warned Mike Pence of a security hazard a day before January 6

An employee of Mike Pence raised concerns about threats to his safety just a day before supporters of Donald Trump stormed into the Capitol, according to a report.

Marc Short, Mr Pence’s chief of staff at the time, called his senior intelligence agent, Tom Giebels, to his office and told him that Mr Trump planned to take a public stance against the vice president for refusing to challenge the electoral vote count and According to a report in , this could pose a safety risk to Mr Pence The New York Times

. This came just a day before the deadly riots at the Capitol that saw the former vice president narrowly dodge a crowd of Trump supporters.

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Fox News will not broadcast the Jan. 6 hearing live

Fox News will be the only major network not to air the committee’s first primetime Jan. 6 hearing this Thursday night, but will show it “as the news demands” during its packed primetime broadcasts.

Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum will instead anchor coverage of the hearings on Fox Business Network, according to a press release Monday.

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Analysis: How the GOP intends to handle the Jan. 6 hearings

ICYMI: I’m writing for today’s Inside Washington newsletter, Eric Garcia takes a look at how the House Republican Party intends to respond to the scheduled hearings to be held by the committee on Jan. 6.

Elise Stefanik, who replaced Cheney as Chair of the House-Republican Conference, told Breitbart News that her team is working in close contact with the former president and that the conference “will respond quickly.”

Stefanik also echoed a key talking point from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: that the US Capitol was poorly served on Jan. 6 by inadequate security. (Of course, the House wouldn’t need proper security or worry about a Jan. 6 breach if the former president hadn’t spent months frenzying his supporters into rioting.)

Read his full analysis below:

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ICYMI: Proud Boys leadership charged with seditious conspiracy in Capitol riot

Stuti MishraJune 7, 2022 4:55 am


Jan. 6 panel member says panel has evidence for Trump that goes beyond “incitement.”

ICYMI: Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat on the Jan. 6 special committee, said The Washington Post that the panel found additional evidence on Donald Trump beyond the “incitement” referred to in the former president’s second impeachment trial.

“The select committee found evidence here of much more than hate speech, and we will lay the evidence out on all the actors that were instrumental in what happened in the Capitol during the riot,” Mr Raskin said loudly The hill.

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