The Last of Us 2 fan discovers incredible detail on Abby’s pistol

The Last of Us franchise is packed with detail, and one fan of the sequel has pointed out a clever twist when it comes to Abby’s pistol.

The last of us Games are among the most critically acclaimed releases of all time, with The Last of Us 2 holds the honor of most Games of the Year awards for a single title. One of the many reasons it received these awards is the intricate world Naughty Dog created, and that level of detail extends to the weapons The Last of Us 2.

While one player has highlighted a new detail, it’s hardly the first time fans have made a nice discovery The Last of Us 2‘s weapons. Earlier this year, a fan realized that when modifying a gun, Ellie or Abby needs to clean their dirty guns. Seeing the weapon go from dirty to shiny is incredibly cool, and it’s something a lot of players might not pick up on. The latest detail has to do with pistols, specifically Abby’s gun.


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As fans of The last of us Franchises know that Abby and Ellie each have their own weapon lineup, so their two runs feel different. The Military Pistol is one of the starting weapons in Abby’s arsenal, and players are likely to make frequent use of this weapon as they battle their way through Seattle. However, the weapon actually hides a pretty Easter egg that can only be seen if players zoom in and read its serial number.

Posted by Reddit user ImAFlyingShark, the serial number for Abby’s gun is 6-14-2K13 or June 14, 2013. This was a special date for Naughty Dog and The last of us franchise as it was the release day of the first game in the series. This kind gesture from the developer is an excellent tribute to the game that started it all. With a remake of the first The last of us Reportedly in the works alongside the HBO series, fans will soon see some new versions of the 2013 classic.

While many commenters loved this detail and thanked the Redditor for posting it, two comments indicate that there is more to consider when it comes to Abby’s pistol. Reddit user steelersman24752 asks what the other serial number might refer to, and indeed, noooooobmaster69 has the answer. 11-19-2K07 is a nod to the release date of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortunethe first entry in the hugely successful Unexplored Series.

With two awesome Naughty Dog Easter Eggs hidden on this one gun, there’s no telling how many secrets players have missed The Last of Us 2. Regardless, this was a great discovery on ImAFlyingShark’s part, and the post totally deserves the 1,300 upvotes it’s received so far.

The Last of Us 2 is now available on PS4.

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