The grandma of Skyrim fans has dedicated a table to the game

Since its inception over a decade ago The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is rooted in gamer culture. Given that it’s been ported to almost every gaming system – in addition to some weird versions like Alexa Skyrim – It has a way of reaching out to those who aren’t typically part of the gamer subculture.

An example of this is Grandma Shirley, who has many Skyrim fans know and love, to the point of creating a trailer based on Grandma Shirley. However, she’s not the only grandma who loves Skyrimas another fan pointed out.


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Redditor EbenIsDaBomb visited the site to share a picture of her grandma Skyrim Table. The picture shows a completely covered table Skyrim-Style objects and collectibles, some official and some not. Various crystals, candles, sculptures and incense sticks are scattered next to a world map. There’s even a reference to the game’s legendary sweetrolls in the corner.

The table is definitely impressive and almost looks like a magic table that jumped out of the game into the world. The fans are very impressed with both the table and the fact that another grandmother is a fan of Skyrim. Despite the similarities, the OP noted that his grandmother and Shirley are not one and the same. After the post was highly praised, the OP returned to share that her grandmother was extremely happy to receive it, and she even stopped by her own Reddit account to respond to some comments.

According to Redditor, his grandmother is in her 70s and loves the world of gaming. Apparently her husband has been gaming for about twenty years and she felt left out of gaming related conversations so they grabbed a console and a copy of Skyrim for her. The rest is history as she is completely entranced by the game and now dives into conversations about it Skyrim and his far reaching lore with her grandchild and husband.

Many in the comments wished they had grandparents as cool as EbenIsDaBomb’s, or at least one who was interested in their gaming hobby. The grandmother responded to a request to “adopt” her as her own grandmother, stating that she could never have too many grandchildren. While certainly not all older people play games, it seems like it is becoming more common for some elders to be able to do something exciting and stimulating for them, from the comfort of their own home, and a new way of keeping in touch with their family members.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch.

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