Testing EKSA headsets with the best sounding games

As one half of the audiovisual experience, the sound design really doesn’t get enough attention from gamers. It’s no use having a top-notch 4K TV or gaming monitor if your sound is coming from a set of tinny or cheap speakers — and yes, that includes that seedy soundbar you bought 10 years ago.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in a story-driven campaign, crush the competition in an online multiplayer match, or relax with a smooth indie title, your experience will be enhanced tenfold with a good gaming headset. To celebrate the achievements of some of these amazing audio achievements, we’re highlighting the best sound design in gaming, and to fully enjoy the premium sound of these excellent PC games, we tried two new headsets from EKSA.

EKSA offers affordable audio solutions for gamers on a budget. We had the chance to try the EKSA E7000 Fenrir Gaming Headset, a high-quality stereo headset with a rotating microphone, and the EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus Ultralight, which is a comfortable option for gaming at home or on the go. Both are great choices for enjoying the games we’ve mentioned – so take a look around and see which one suits you.

Turn up the volume and embark on a sound journey with us.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Ninja Theory’s Celtic Adventure is famous for its outstanding sound design, which uses binaural audio (simulated three-dimensional sound) for the voices that rebuke, put down, and at times encourage the protagonist throughout the story.

When played through the EKSA E7000 Fenrir headphones, this audio work creates a terrifyingly immersive experience that takes Senua’s journey to new heights. And even if what you’re saying gets uncomfortable, the headset’s padded over-ear cushions will keep your ears comfortable.

eternal doom

One of the most beautiful chords in the arc of Doom (2016) was Mick Gordon’s spectacular score. On this soundtrack, Mick’s brutal, rhythmic metal guitar work fuses perfectly with pounding industrial beats for an otherworldly sound that perfectly complements the chaotic carnage of the Doom Slayer’s blood-soaked exploits.

Available on both home consoles and the Nintendo Switch, we had to try both EKSA headsets in this amazing game. We paired the Fenrir headset with the Xbox version of Doom Eternal to fully enjoy the game’s pumping soundtrack and crunchy sound effects and really take the experience to the next level. On the go, the E3Z Air Joy Plus was the perfect pairing for the Switch version of the game, allowing us to enjoy the carnage of the Doom Slayer’s adventures without disturbing the elderly lady sitting next to us on the bus, and still die full experience thanks to 7.1 surround sound.

Battlefield 2042

Though the game has proven divisive among fans of the series, Battlefield 2042 has all the brilliant sound design that DICE has become known for. With this first-person shooter series, DICE creates a realistic and immersive portrayal of modern warfare, and a large part of how this is accomplished is through audio. There are tons of carefully designed weapons to play with, and each has its own specific firing sounds to match its real-world counterpart.

It’s also worth noting how the high-quality sound design enhances the gameplay. Jump into multiplayer and you’ll find that a good headset like the E7000 Fenrir is your best ally, allowing you to pinpoint the location of enemies by their footsteps behind you, or the location of the next gunfight by the crackle of gunshots from afar can determine .

We felt a new level of immersion playing with the Fenrir headset, and when we needed to communicate with our allies it was easy to flip down the 120-degree rotating microphone to give cues to our teammates.


Sea sounds are often associated with calm, relaxing scenes, and to begin with, the ambience of Subnautica’s salty depths can be pleasant and relaxing indeed. But as you dive further, the more sinister sea creatures will make their presence felt. While the ubiquitous mechanical whirring of your submersible provides some comfort, the ominous screeches and moans of the creatures lurking in the darkest depths certainly have the opposite effect.

Subnautica is another game that can be played both at home and on the go, but to really dive deep, plug in the E7000 Fenrir and let the sounds of the world of Subnautica wash over you. But the E3Z Air Joy Plus offers a great experience too, and as a lightweight, portable headset, you can just plug it in and have an immersive experience no matter where you are or how long you want to play.

Stardew Valley

After all the adventuring, slaying demons, and exploring the deep sea, could we suggest chilling out with the indie masterpiece Stardew Valley? This game is known for its enchanting chiptune soundtrack, which is all the more impressive as it was composed and recorded entirely by Eric Barone aka ConcernedApe, the game’s sole designer.

In addition to the fabulously smooth soundtrack, the game is also packed with delightful sound effects reminiscent of the days of 16-bit gaming on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Mega Drive. Stardew Valley is the perfect candidate for the EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus, which will take you away to your quiet farm life in comfort anywhere. And with the built-in microphone, you can even join an online co-op session and chat with your friends while you play.

Whatever your gaming habits, there’s an EKSA headset that’s sure to enhance your audio experience. Whether you’re connected at home with the E700 Fenrir or on the go with the E3Z Air Joy Plus, you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable and sonically enjoyable time playing your favorite games. Check out EKSA’s range of headsets today and find the right one for you.

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