Sunbreak’s Malzeno draws an interesting parallel to Horizon Zero Dawn

Everyone monster hunter The game features a “flagship monster” adorning its box art, similar to legendary Pokemon like the newly announced Koraidon and Miraidon. The enhanced “Ultimate” versions of various titles have introduced their own flagship monsters seen with the shift monster hunter 4‘s Gore Magala too Monster Hunter 4 Ultimates Seregios. This trend carried over to World of Monster Hunters‘s Iceborne expansion, which Capcom used to replicate Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.


The flagship monster in Monster Hunter Ascension was Magnamalo, but the upcoming Sunbreak expansion includes Malzeno instead. This Elder Dragon is considered one of the “Three Lords” causing trouble around Elgado Outpost, grouped with Garangolm and Lunagaron as creatures inspired by Western tales and myths: a vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, and a werewolf, respectively. That monster hunter The May 2022 digital event gave fans more information about Malzeno’s powers, which could be better understood by looking at Guerrilla Games’ Chariot-class machines. horizon Franchise.

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Malzeno’s machinations in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

During the digital event mentioned above Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Director Yoshitake Suzuki described Malzeno as a monster designed to capture the royal atmosphere of legends like Dracula – with concept art that focuses on “aristocracy, nobility, grandeur and cunning”. He offers a glimpse into Capcom’s philosophy for Elder Dragons, outlining what kind of misfortune they would cause, and says Malzeno previously pushed the kingdom players are now protecting to the brink of collapse.

His destructive power is characterized by “mysterious creatures” clinging to other monsters like leeches; visually reminiscent of tiny pink khezu with petal-shaped wings. Malzeno appears to hold opponents in place while his submissive creatures absorb the monster’s life force. According to Suzuki, the beautiful and elegant Malzeno will morph into a more vicious, powerful form once it has absorbed enough energy. This leads to Malzeno’s Blooblight status effect as a game mechanic, which drains a hunter’s health if they can’t deal enough damage to the Elder Dragon in return.

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How life-stealing machines in Horizon Zero Dawn resemble Malzeno

Although vampire themes are not uncommon in video games (Capcom’s own Castlevania franchise is a substantive example), Malzeno’s tendency to absorb energy from afar rather than drink blood is unique. In this way, the Elder Dragon’s particular brand of apocalyptic chaos is reminiscent of the doomsday machines of Horizon Zero Dawn and its continuation Forbidden West.

While horizon Players follow Aloy several centuries after the end of the world, various documents show how things got the way they are. Guerrilla Games envisions a speculative future for modern humanity, in which entrepreneur Ted Faro helps mitigate the effects of climate change through green robots developed by Faro Automated Solutions (FAS). Faro soon refocuses his company on military contracts, developing a line of chariot combat robots: the Scarab (corruptor), Khopesh (deathbringer), and Horus (metal devil).

These machines were designed with an unhackable operating system, which becomes problematic when a swarm of Chariot robots go rogue. The war machines were designed to replicate themselves by consuming biomass from the environment, as well as to take over the programming of other machines (corrupting them as future humans would see it). Scientist Elisabet Sobeck realizes that this swarm – which will become known as the Faro plague – is unstoppable, so she leads Project Zero Dawn to shut it down and repopulate the planet after its life has been taken.

Horizon forbidden west takes Aloy to the Greenhouse, an FAS facility on the California coast, where she and Quen Alva discover how the technology for leaching biomass was developed. Seeing a test for this ability in the greenhouse shows how devastating it was, although Aloy did get a glimpse of it in the fight against HADES at the end Zero Dawn. Guerrilla’s series could therefore serve as an interesting addition to Capcom’s forthcoming Sunbreak expansion. With Malzeno also being able to absorb life from afar, one can only imagine how an army of Elder Dragons would destroy civilizations resembling FAS’ Chariot lineage.

Monster Hunter Ascension is available now for PC and Switch. The Sunbreak expansion launches on June 30, 2022.

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