Stray’s trophy list challenges you to channel your inner cat

Let’s hope when July 19th rolling around makes you feel like a kitten rolling around because Stray will make you channel your inner cat if you want to achieve all trophies.

The adorable exploration title lets you fall into the paws of an embarrassed auburn cat lost in an alien environment full of platforms, puzzles and robots trying to mimic humans. It’s what the developer would call the “perfect playground” for a cat, as discussed in my Stray preview.

Prepare for the embarrassing adventure with the Stray trailer.

Recently, and just over a week before Stray’s launch on Steam and PS Plus, the trophy list for the game appeared on Exophase. The list of trophies doesn’t seem too difficult to achieve, but each achievement certainly challenges players to think about the cat’s intuition.

Notable achievements require you to jump 100 times, sleep an hour, and meow 100 times. You’re also expected to scrape your way through each chapter and snap at up to five robots. If you have a cat in your home, all of these actions will seem very familiar to you and your feline friend. Now they get even more intimate as Stray asks you to tune into what a cat would actually do in this situation.

I mean, when you’re faced with danger, wouldn’t you rather back off and take a nap first? Or are you looking for a snout or two from a robot while you recover? Maybe not, but your cat might, and if you want to go Platinum in Stray, you must too.

The names of each achievement are also cat-themed and will no doubt get a chuckle or two from me when they come up. A personal favorite is definitely Al-Cat-Traz, which is reached after going to the prison… A prison I haven’t had to know about, so I can’t wait to see what it’s all about .

Other achievements include Cat-a-strophe, Meowlody, and Sneakitty – all small achievements that I can’t wait to see. If anything, I am Speed ​​- which requires you to complete the game in under two hours – will be the hardest to get. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be too busy exploring Midtown and admiring our kitty protagonist to want to start speedrunning Stray, but who knows.

Are you looking forward to Stray? Will you try to get 100 percent for the title, or will you sit back and relax just like a cat would?

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