Strange Red Dead Online clip shows players spitting on food while it’s cooking

A short video from Red Dead Online shows a player spitting on food while cooking, making for a gross but fun moment in the game.

Red Dead Online gives players the opportunity to explore Rockstar Games’ take on the Wild West with friends. However, there is also a good opportunity for antagonistic behavior within the game.

Chances are, the average Red Dead Online Player encountered another person who wanted to ruin their day or at least their progress in the game. This particular case of trolling isn’t all that serious, but it’s gross.

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Over on the Red Dead Online subreddit, user Bananabob14173 shared a short video of her character sitting around a campfire with a few others next to them. They are trying to cook meat over the fire when one of the neighbors takes advantage of the situation. The player to Bananabob14173’s left casually spits at the meat as they cook it. If there was any thought it was a mistake, the second player quickly corrects it, while Bananabob14173 takes out another piece of pork and starts cooking it just so they can repeat the action. He then finishes cooking and stares suspiciously at the pork.

Of course, no real damage is actually done here. Spit is a common emote in Red Dead Online, and while it can be off-putting to use it this way, it doesn’t really affect cooking or eating. The comments quickly indicated that there was some fun between friends in the game and there was definitely amused as others commented on Bananabob14173 examining the meat after being spat on.

Luckily, this use of the spit emote is completely harmless. The emote has the potential to be unsettling when used in certain ways, and it’s not limited to that Red Dead Online. As a matter of fact, World of Warcraft Players lost their own version of a Spit emote for a period of time when Blizzard removed several emotes used to harass or distress others. It has since been restored, but its temporary removal was a decision that didn’t sit well with many of the game’s viewers, including streamer Asmongold.

While many players are unhappy with the current status Red Dead Online and the lack of updates from Rockstar Games, videos like this highlight that players continue to enjoy living the posse life Red Dead Online with their friends. One can hope that at some point new content will come to the multiplayer title so players like Bananabob14173 and her crew can keep fooling around in moments like this.

Red Dead Online is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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