Skull & Bones director wants players to “choose the type of pirate they want to be”

Ryan Barnard, Director at Ubisoft on Skull & Bones, recently detailed the mechanics of this highly anticipated title, noting that he would like “players to create their own stories and be able to choose the type of pirate they want.” want to be”. Barnard also delved into the details of the story, in addition to what players will experience both on land and at sea.

The news comes from an interview by TrueAchievements in which Barnard was quizzed all about the upcoming title. The developer noted that while Skull & Bones isn’t driven by its narrative, the title “will have narrative parts in the game, you’ll meet key non-player characters called Kingpins, who have their own stories that you’ll learn about them.” build a relationship with them by accepting contracts.” Barnard went on to explain that “while the game has an underlying story that we use to build the lore of the entire world, that’s not the primary focus.”


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When asked about the mechanics of Skull & Bones, Barnard pointed out that “there’s a lot of gameplay on land where you build, outfit, socialize, manage your camp, and customize your ship and captain. The only thing that’s really not land-based is the combat.” Barnard noted that Skull & Bones remains “primarily a naval game”.

The developer went on to talk about dynamic events, calling them “basically a collection of things that can happen in the game as ways for players to interact with while sailing toward their main objectives.” Barnard gave a few examples such as a “merchant who is scared and needs protection” and a “battle where one of the factions is attacking a settlement and you can either defend the settlement or join as a player”.

As for how Skull & Bones will differ from similar games like Sea of ​​Thieves, Barnard explained: “When I first got involved with the project, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse elements of naval and roleplaying, endurance, survival, and crafting in the game . This is what we have focused on in development and improvement.”

The game is currently scheduled for release on November 8th, 2022 for PS5, Xbox X|S and PC. The post-launch support plan is to release only free content. “Our ethos for future development is achieved through open communication with our community for a live game,” Barnard emphasized. “Of course we have a plan, but we’re willing to go with what our players like.”

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