Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Designs Gen 1 Box Art for Koraidon

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan designs box art for the new Legendary Pokemon Koraidon, inspired by Generation 1 style.

That Pokemon The franchise’s boxing skills have changed a lot over the years. The intricate box covers of Generation 1 evolved over the years into simpler showcases of featured Pokémon. Some are curious how the boxing arts will behave Pokemon Franchise would appear if they didn’t change

Game Freak recently showed a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet That included a look at five new Pokémon. Among the new Pokémon were box art legends Koraidon and Miraidon. While the audience has no information as to what role these two will play in the narrative, a fan artist designed a new look for one of them in a familiar style.


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A Reddit artist named va_cao designed box art for Koraidon inspired by the Gen 1 aesthetic. The fan art emulates the Gen 1 design Pokemon Japanese box lids with the two-tone background and Koraidon in the center surrounded by text with the logo above. Va_cao also redesigned Koraidon, downsizing some of the Pokémon’s features, like the large head feathers and the hoop-like appendage that sits in Koraidon’s chest. Koraidon’s claws and jaws have also undergone a noticeable reduction in size.

A defining element of Generation 1 va_cao is the faded, washed-out colors of classic Pokémon graphics. Unlike Koraidon’s modern design, va_cao is less saturated, consistent with Game Freak’s earlier design philosophy. While this is the latest artwork by va_cao for pokemon scarlet and violet, The artist also implemented the same concept for the Generation 9 starter Pokémon. Other franchises that va_cao makes fan art for include but are not limited to The Legend of Zelda, gundamand Demon Hunter.

Pokemon stylistic evolution is something Pokemon Fans discuss their different opinions. Some prefer the simpler designs of Generation 1, while others appreciate the more detailed appearance of modern Pokémon. Va_cao seems to capture the best of both design elements in this fan art throwback to the signature style of the early days Pokemonkeeping the intricate elements of the original design while simplifying it to match the classic Pokemon.

That Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Release is imminent and fans have yet to see most of the new Pokémon. While the audience now has opinions about the new professors, the 4-player co-op feature, and the open aspect of this game’s world, the discussion about the new Pokemon continues. While fans don’t know when more information will be released, they’re eagerly awaiting what Game Freak has in store.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Released on November 18, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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