Pokemon like Temtem microtransactions and campaign in detail

PC gamers looking for their own Pokémon-like game may have had their eye on Temtem for a while as a promising alternative creature-collecting experience. Now developer Crema has laid out details on the TemTem microtransactions, campaign structure, competitive play and more that you can expect when the RPG game reaches full 1.0 release on September 6th.

During Crema’s “Golden Week” event, the team released announcements that focus on a different aspect of the game each day. Crema talks about the campaign progress and says that they have reduced the mandatory NPC fights by about 20% (although the fights will still be there for players who want them) and that many NPC dialogues have been moved after a fight, so players uninterested in the narration can skip it. Also, a new experience bonus will be applied to Tems outside of your roster when playing in co-op.

Next, the team discusses Temtem’s competitive multiplayer modes and unveils a new “TemTem Showdown” format that allows players to compete in friendly or ranked battles without having to manually capture and train your team. Instead, players are free to edit their team, adjust stat balance, and move sets of each tem to their liking. These custom Showdown teams are only available for these games and allow PvP-focused players more immediate and dynamic access to the format without detracting from the traditional team training format of the rest of the game. Players can still use custom teams in the leaderboard if they wish.

As for the ranked format itself, Crema says the game will use a seasonal format, with exclusive cosmetic rewards offered based on your performance at the end of a season “that aren’t obtainable any other way.” In addition, the team plans to hide TMR, the player rating, as some players reported that seeing fluctuations was stressful. The number will still be visible via the API, so players can still access it if they want, but otherwise it’ll be replaced with a Legend/Gold/Silver etc style ranking system – although Crema says they can choose to do so “cooler names” than that.

Microtransactions will always be a point of contention, so Crema also addresses their premium currency Novas and their seasonal Tamer Pass. Like most Battle Passes, the Tamer Pass will include free and premium tracks, with an estimated 20 rewards in the free track and an additional 60 for the premium track. Players can also get their hands on Novas through the free route of the pass. Crema claims that “there is no P2W in Temtem,” saying that every item from the pass and store is purely cosmetic and has no in-game benefits.

The team also discusses the economics, saying it lowers the price of cosmetics and homeware — these were originally made expensive, Crema says, because the team “wasn’t quite sure how the Pansun economy would perform by 1.0, but so we did it.” I don’t want to cheapen such an important part of the game.” Finally, Crema offers a look at a new aquarium zone designed by one of the game’s senior Kickstarter backers.

For fans already familiar with Temtem, there’s plenty more detail to delve into throughout the week of posts, but this is the most important information for now. We’ll be sure to update you on any major news ahead of the game’s release, but in the meantime, check out our list of the best Pokémon-like games on PC for other ways to satisfy your monster cravings .

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