Pokemon GO TCG crossover event featuring new Pokemon and more

Niantic is announcing the Pokemon, rewards, and start time for its Pokemon TCG crossover event in Pokemon GO, coming soon.

That Pokemon Franchise is no stranger to collaborations. One medium promotes another, such as how the anime can feed game and ticket sales. Sometimes even the opposite happens, as the resurgent popularity of the cards has increased interest in other media. The previously announced Pokemon GO and Pokémon trading card game Crossover wants to continue that legacy as the hit mobile game will soon have an in-game event celebrating the release of Pokemon GO-related map packs.


That Pokemon GO Crossover Event will introduce a new Pokemon into the game. Wimpod and its evolution Golisopod will appear in the wild. Golisopod requires 400 Candy to evolve. With the arrival of the TCG hat, there will also be a new hat for Pikachu. Pikachu with the TCG hat can be shiny and can be found either in the wild or through field research rewards. That Pokemon GO Mystery Box obtained through transfers between WALK, Pokémon house, Pokemon Let’s Go!, and other mainline games, have a lower refresh timer and have a chance to drop Shiny Meltan.

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That Pokemon GO The crossover event starts on June 16th and runs until June 30th. The Pokemon GO Tickets are available from July 1st. Many of the featured Pokemon are coming too Pokemon TCG are rewarded through field research rewards, raids, and collection challenges in Pokemon GO, including shiny variants for Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Snorlax, Onix and more. The most notable raid offerings are Timbur, Chansey, and Larvitar and their shiny variants in 1-star raids, Alolan Execcutor and his shiny in 3-star raids, and Mewtwo with a chance to find his shiny in 5-star raids .

Pokemon GO Cards have unique Pokemon artworks and the Pokemon GO The logo is emblazoned on the bottom right of the cards, which differentiates them from cards in other packs. That Pokemon GO x Pokemon TCG includes Mewtwo VSTAR, Melmetal, the Kanto Legendary Birds, and a selection of coveted cards spread across twelve collections. There are three special edition collector’s boxes stylized after the three teams Pokemon GO: Mystic, Bravery and Instinct.

The launch of a new series of cards will be an event as interest and value increases Pokemon Karten has seen some stores sell out as fighters and collectors look for the strongest and most valuable cards. Exploring the real world in search of Wimpod and other rare Pokemon from this event, and then unpacking the cards after a long day of hunting sounds is probably an attractive way to spend a day for families or groups of friends.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS.

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Source: Niantic

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