Pokémon fan creates an incredibly cute crocheted version of Lechonk

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan is making a crocheted version of Lechonk, a newly introduced Pokemon that will be part of the upcoming title.

The latest trailer video released for Pokemon Scarlet and violet treated the franchise’s fan base to a whole new set of information. Offers more detail than that Pokemon Scarlet and violet In the announcement trailer, the community learned about the game’s official release dates, each version’s Legendary Pokémon, and was introduced to a new Normal-type Pig-type Pokémon named Lechonk. Now a fan has produced a crocheted version of Lechonk that looks like it would be perfect to slip in any fan’s bag.


That Pokemon The community will likely agree that the roster of new Pokémon introduced in each generation is one of the most anticipated features of the franchise. Although the new region in Pokemon Scarlet and violet remains untitled, the game’s new trailer revealed new and returning Pokémon. Given how enthusiastic they are Pokemon Fanbase can be, and since Lechonk seemed to have become a community favorite the moment it was revealed, it’s not surprising that fans are already creating artwork and theorizing about the Hog Pokémon.

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On Reddit, user 1UpAshe shared a photo of the crocheted version of Lechonk they created with the rest of the Pokemon community. The crocheted plush looks incredibly cute yet accurate. The plush features many of the Pokémon’s details, from Lechonk’s rounded body, pink snout, and feet to the yellow teardrops that line the bottom of its eyes. According to 1UpAshe’s profile, they seem to have quite a bit of experience in crocheting Pokemon stuffed animals. Her Instagram and website share updates about her latest craft project, and the artist is also giving back to the community by providing free crochet patterns for other fans to follow.

Many replies on the Reddit thread showed their admiration and love for 1UpAshe’s crocheted version of Lechonk. Though some fans questioned whether the Pokémon’s name was real, the community shared some facts and theories centered around the meaning of Lechonk’s name Pokemon Scarlet and violet. However, it’s pretty obvious that fans on the online forum are still as excited about the Hog Pokémon as they first saw it in the trailer.

Lechonk isn’t the only new pocket creature introduced in the second Pokemon Scarlet and violet Follower. Other Pokémon such as Pawmi and Smoliv were also revealed in the footage. Hopefully 1UpAshe will unleash their crafting magic and make more crocheted versions of the new Gen 9 Pokemon in the future.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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