Nintendo is skipping Gamescom this year

Nintendo confirms that it won’t be appearing at Gamescom 2022, but at some smaller gaming festivals.

The upcoming Gamescom Arriving at the end of August this year, prepares to end the summer with a host of new game announcements and previews. However, a big name from the industry does not seem to be preparing anything for the Gamescom event 2022, even if the show is expected to attract a larger audience than previous shows.

In a recent statement, Nintendo has confirmed that it will not be performing or making any announcements during August’s Gamescom show. European fans can rest assured that Nintendo will continue to be present at some other gaming events in the region, such as the SWR Sommerfest and the Stuttgarter Kinder- und Jugendfest. However, there is no word from Nintendo about future announcements at these conventions and showcases, leaving possible news open to speculation.


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This latest confirmation comes from German games provider GamesWirtschaft, with Nintendo responding to a question about their plans for Gamescom in 2022. Nintendo doesn’t seem to have given a reason for its absence even during Gamescom, although there are several titles that many fans would be interested in seeing next August. However, the company will continue to make appearances across Europe throughout the summer, so new announcements and opportunities for fans to get hands-on with Nintendo’s most anticipated titles can’t be entirely ruled out.

Some have speculated that Nintendo may instead have planned its own announcement around the time of the convention, which will have a similar global audience to Gamescom. Notably, some fans are anticipating a new Nintendo Direct rather than a stage appearance at Gamescom, much like how Nintendo has handled other conventions like E3 in years past. That late summer period will likely still be a key moment to set release dates and prepare for the fall shopping season that follows not long after Gamescom.

For now, any future updates from Nintendo are just speculation, and fans will have to wait for the company to provide a more concrete response to appearances that take place during normal summer announcements. With upcoming titles like Pokemon Scarlet and violetor the breath of the wild Sequel, currently in development, is currently causing great excitement among Nintendo fans. So Nintendo’s withdrawal from Gamescom is likely a calculated effort to make sure it doesn’t look too promising before any upcoming releases or announcements are ready to be released to the public.

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Source: games economy (via NintendoLife)

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