Nintendo 64 Modder brings ray tracing, widescreen and high frame rate support to Zelda, Mario and Kirby Classics

The modder known as DarioSamo recently unveiled a project that will add ray tracing, widescreen support, higher frame rates and other features to classics released for the Nintendo 64, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario and Kirby 64 . This comes in the wake of their previous ray tracing work on Super Mario 64.

The mod in question takes the form of a plugin for Nintendo 64 emulators running on the PC, enabling advanced graphical features for a variety of different games. “I would like to reveal that Ray Tracing 64, the path tracer behind Super Mario 64 Ray Tracing, is evolving into a Nintendo 64 emulator plugin,” DarioSamo posted on Twitter along with some gameplay footage. Plugin adds “Raytracing Lighting, Object Motion Blur, Widescreen, Deep Learning Supersampling, 60+ FPS”.


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According to DarioSamo, the plugin has only been in development for a few months so far. “I started this project a month ago to optimize the PC port backend as much as possible, and I quickly realized that it could evolve into a generic emulation solution that would allow me to extend these improvements to far.” apply more games,” the modder explained.

DarioSamo found that the plugin suffers from numerous bugs and is currently incompatible with certain console games. For example, assuming a game was built without lights, to provide a starting point for ray tracing, someone would need to manually add a series of lights to the game. “This project is still in its infancy and is several months away from release, but the results so far are very exciting,” noted DarioSamo. “I also realize that getting every Nintendo 64 game to work is an impossible task as it is still a manual process to create the lighting for a specific title.”

The modder plans to release a “whitelist of compatible games” at some point in the near future so that “users don’t get confused and try to run this with every title out there”. DarioSamo went on to describe how “there will be an optional toggle for people who want to experiment more or even create their own lighting setups and scripts.” The plugin is currently only available with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario , Kirby 64, Mystical Ninja Goemon, Snowboard Kids and Rocket: Robot on Wheels compatible.

When it comes to a release date, players might be waiting a while. “Don’t expect this to come out anytime soon as there are hundreds of issues I still need to solve and features to add,” DarioSamo pointed out. “The compatible game library is extremely limited.”

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