New Horizons clip shows Mitzi stabbing a player

Almost every Animal Crossing: New Horizons The player probably knows that wasps can be a big annoyance. The flying bugs do no permanent damage to the player, but can be annoying if caught off guard.

In general, to avoid this, it is enough to flee to the nearest building or immediately switch to a web new horizon‘s wasps. However, one unlucky player faced an angry cloud of wasps thanks to a favorite villager.

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Mitzi, the regular cat villager, has been a staple of the series since the beginning, and many players love having her on their islands. That includes BallKeeper, who shared a video with a colleague animal crossing Fans on the game’s subreddit. In it, her villager is shaking trees near City Hall as Mitzi starts walking by. The final shattered tree creates an angry swarm of wasps, but many players could have dealt with the appearance of a random swarm. Unfortunately, Mitzi was in the right place at the wrong time.

After BallKeeper’s character reacts to the wasps, they begin to swarm over the area Mitzi is standing in. The player already has their net out, ready to catch the wasps, but when they tapped A to swipe at the wasps, the game triggered a conversation with Mitzi, instead. After politely asking them to move the wasps away from her, she flees and breathes a sigh of relief after seeing the player get stung.

BallKeeper pointed out that it was rude of Mitzi to let her down like that, and other players were quick to say the same. sure, Animal Crossing: New Horizons NPCs aren’t actually supposed to interact with bugs or other creatures in the game; While they mimic the actions of fishing and bug catching, they never really get anything. Mitzi couldn’t have been stung, nor could she do anything to help the player. But her timing, standing right where the wasps had landed, couldn’t have been worse.

Thankfully, he’s recovering from a wasp sting Animal Crossing: New Horizons is as simple as taking medication. If the player is lucky, a friendly villager might even give them something for free when they realize they’re feeling down. While commenting on the stab, Mitzi offered nothing to the player, further insulting the injury.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons still has a lot of life in it as players regularly create interesting island designs. As any possible sequel is many years in the future, maybe the developers will add a feature for villagers to help in such cases. Many would probably be happy about the addition, but until then, players can poke fun at videos like this one.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for the Switch.

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