MrBeast Reveals TV Ad For Feastables Chocolate Denied Airtime

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson tweeted an ad he and his team made for television before it was rebuffed by the censorship board for noncompliance.

MrBeast is an international sensation. The philanthropic efforts of the creator and his crew have grown a staggering 100 million+ subscribers across multiple channels in multiple languages.

A big part of what makes Jimmy so watchable is the man’s drive to always strive for bigger and better things. Not content with breaking records for the insane replica of the Willy Wonka chocolate factory dominating Youtube, or its record-breaking Squid game remake.

Now Donaldson is back in the limelight, drawing attention to a TV commercial he created for his chocolate brand, Feastables. Disclosure to Twitter that the ad was disapproved for “non-compliance” with airtime.

Non-compliance is a term used by the FCC as a catch-all for anything that violates their extensive rules about what can be shown on the airwaves.

Within the ad, Donaldson starts straight away with a closeup of a Hershey bar before declaring that “honestly, it doesn’t taste that good.”

This level of firing at another company that makes the very product you’re trying to sell, while doing a great job of generating buzz, appears to be the reason for the FCC’s denial of the ad.

As colleague MrHumanity, the giveaway content creator, pointed out, “You used a big company’s product and logo,” while noting that “even big brands don’t do that in their own commercials.”

In a follow-up tweet, MrBeast followed up by belittling TV advertising as a medium. He says he thinks “TV commercials suck. I just wanted to compare how bad commercials are for sales lol“.

In the final moments of the ad, Donaldson also published fake “fine print” with statements such as “Why are you reading this?” and “This is all fake”.

Whether or not he’ll return to the drawing board for a TV-friendly ad remains to be seen, but MrBeast seems unlikely to let those hiccups stop him.

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