Monday, June 6 Word of the day Solution and hint

Monday has arrived. The first Monday in June – and my daughter’s fifteenth birthday! I don’t feel old at all!

Today’s wordle is a cool word, although it’s not the sort of word one would normally associate with a summer month.

June is also Wordle’s birthday month. The very first Wordle puzzle came out on June 19th, although the game wasn’t released to the general public until October.

How to play Wordle

First of all is Wordle Not in the App Store or Google Play. It’s a browser-based game that you can play on your phone, tablet or PC by visiting the New York Times official website.

You get six tries to figure out the five letter word. Correct letters in the right place are shown in green boxes. Correct letters in the wrong place are shown in yellow boxes. Wrong letters get gray boxes. With your knowledge of vocabulary and a bit of luck, you can guess the answer.

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Today’s Wordle #352 Tip & Answer

Before venturing further into this post, please remember that there are spoilers. This might seem obvious given the headline and whatnot, but we’re still including a spoiler alert for the few who get this far without realizing it.

First a note: Eeyore’s mood.

And the answer is. . . .

This one cost me too many guesses of at least one guess.

My first guess wasn’t a bad word, but I had very bad luck with it. According to Wordle Bot, mesentery usually reduces the 2,309 possible solutions to just 97. This time? 307 options remained. Ouch. This was the most unfortunate possible outcome for my guess!

My second guess – a “wonderful choice” according to Wordle Bot – was better than it looked, narrowing the possible solutions down to just 28. After that bound I supposed shock For guess number three, and unbeknownst to me at the time, this narrowed my options down to just two: distant and Gloom.

Here I screwed up the proverbial pooch. I realized that I hadn’t ruled out the vowel “A” and started thinking about what words I could cobble together with “O” and “A”. I did not think of that distant, which would have been a good guess. Instead I thought of Dusk. At this point I wish I had just taken the more common and likely answer, Gloom, but I didn’t. Luckily, it was pretty obvious what the answer to guess #5 would be.

gloom and dusk are related words. Both relate to darkness. However, gloom is typically a mood. You are gloomy, depressed, grumpy. Gloam, on the other hand, refers to the darkest part of twilight—the final moments before true night falls. Kind of a cool word!

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