Minecraft player builds Courage the Cowardly Dog’s house

It’s no secret that players have taken advantage of the open worlds of Minecraft doing far more than just surviving since the game released over a decade ago. Players have taken advantage of the huge list of blocks and items that are present in it Minecraft to build all kinds of unique creations. Often these designs are based on other popular video games and sometimes even take inspiration from movies and TV shows. For example, a fan recently made a building inside Minecraft based on the animated series Courage the cowardly dog.


Broadcast in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Courage the cowardly dog became a popular series on Cartoon Network and is still loved by many fans years after the release of the last installment. The show followed the adventures of Courage and his family, Muriel and Eustace Bagge, as they encountered the bizarre and unnatural at their farmhouse, set in Kansas near the fictional town of Nowhere. Recently, a talented fan decided to recreate a location from the classic cartoon in a different art style that looks a lot blockier.

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In a post on Reddit, a user named gdsergio shared a picture of a creation he was finished in Minecraft. In particular, they had succeeded in recreating Courage the Cowardly Dog’s iconic house. The picture showed a bright sun over a simple farmhouse with a windmill next to it. The landscape around the place was barren, with only a few small shrubs scattered around, perfectly mimicking the desolate place from the cartoon. While the Reddit user didn’t provide any information on how he created the iconic environment, it appears he used lighting shaders on himself Minecraft world and added to the scene.

Since this picture of Courage the Cowardly Dog’s home was posted, numerous members of the Minecraft Community on Reddit took note of the design. In less than a day, over 1,000 users rated the creation positively, appreciating its resemblance to the recognizable house from the cartoon. In addition to those praising the design, a number of fans commented on the nostalgia they felt for the classic cartoon. “Man I miss this show,” said one user on Reddit.

While this replica of Courage the Cowardly Dog’s house is likely to impress both Minecraft Gamers and fans of the cartoon, this is just one of many builds that have been created in the game over the past few months. For example, one player recently shared pictures of his rebuild progress oblivion‘s imperial city. Time will tell what is built by talented members of the Minecraft community in the coming weeks. Maybe Gdsergio will decide to create even more iconic houses from classic cartoons.

Minecraft is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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