Minecraft Creator devs talk about maintaining a secure platform as Roblox continues to draw criticism

Minecraft Creator Marketplace Head Aaron Buckley has shared more about their approach to supporting fan creations through the platform, as well as steps taken to keep everything safe for younger audiences. This follows an increase in negativistic reports about competitor Roblox, which has caused some irritation due to a lack of regulation and an insecure development environment.

Speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, Aaron is joined by Sean Davidson from Gamemode One, one of the largest Minecraft Creator partner organizations, who spoke about the sustainability of the platform for himself and his colleagues.

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Buckley, in particular, speaks of “putting creators first,” pointing out that Minecraft Creators developers derive more than half of their revenue from content sales, after Microsoft and the platform it was sold on lost its share received.

“Keeping children safe online is a top priority for Microsoft and Minecraft,” says Buckley. “Minecraft is an e-for-everyone game. Especially given that we charge for many of these experiences, the extra effort to ensure we’re delivering safe and appropriate content is something we think is very worthwhile. To protect players, (frankly) to protect Minecraft, and to protect our developer community.” Compared to Roblox, which has come under fire for exposure to inappropriate content by users – some minors.

There’s a dedicated team of seven people overseeing all content uploaded to the Minecraft Creator Marketplace, and if anything inappropriate slips through undetected, they’re likely to be responsible. “On the Microsoft side, we use a goal setting process that we call OKRs, and we set our teams to 0 PR issues, and we think that’s the bare minimum for success.” At the time of writing, Buckley says they’re targeting none encountered major problems.

As for the fruits of the steps taken by the team, Microsoft Creators has become a path for some pretty impressive earnings numbers. Back in September 2017, the official Minecraft Twitter account announced that the platform had generated over a million dollars in just two months. Since then, official crossovers like Gamemode One’s Sonic The Hedgehog content have been common over the years.

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