Meadows ‘didn’t fit the moment’ as Trump WH’s chief of staff

  • In her new memoir, Kellyanne Conway criticized Mark Meadows’ tenure as White House chief of staff.
  • Conway said Meadows “didn’t live up to the moment” in the earliest stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • “The President was underserved by ‘senior executives,’ ill-advised and ironically ignored,” she wrote.

In August 2020, then-White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway was concerned about the guidance then-President Donald Trump was receiving from some in his inner circle, most notably Mark Meadows — the conservative ex-Congressman from North Carolina who has been serving since March was chief of staff this year.

Conway would soon be stepping down from her role in the White House, but she mulled over the ongoing challenges arising from the coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s re-election campaign against then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The veteran pollster didn’t think Trump was well served by Meadows, and didn’t bite her tongue as she laid out to him and several other top White House aides her frustrations, which she detailed in her memoir: “Here’s the one Deal. “

“Some employees’ egos were bigger than the enormous tasks we faced. Others acted like adolescents in cliques or hungry sharks with agendas separate from the nation. People couldn’t even agree on a mask policy. Most of them insisted he would win re-election in a landslide before ‘Sleepy Joe’ ever woke up,” she wrote.

She added, “Meadows, the self-proclaimed ‘Chief’ Chief, was the fourth person to hold that role and the only one at the most difficult time for the President and the nation. The man didn’t fit in moment. I could have been angry, but most of all I was worried.”

Conway went on to explain that at such a turbulent time – when thousands of Americans died from the coronavirus and millions contracted the virus before emergency vaccines were approved – Trump needed senior advisors who would steer him in a good direction .

“Trump can be as good a listener as a speaker, so quality of advice and purity of advice are essential,” she wrote. “Personnel could be a blind spot for him. Faced with the dual challenges of COVID and a re-election campaign, he deserved the best and brightest.”

Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump listen during a White House meeting about the 2019 opioid epidemic.

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

In the book, she said Trump was “ill-advised” on many issues – including gay rights – and pointed out that “senior officials” were planning a plan by then-President and First Lady Melania Trump to commemorate the Pride Month in 2020 .

“My eyes were already wide open. The President was underserved by ‘senior staff,’ ill-advised and ironically ignored,” she wrote.

She continued, “Like in June of this year when the First Lady finalized a plan to light up the White House in Pride colors and send out a tweet that the President wanted to retweet. Suddenly, when the day came, nothing happened – the whole plan had been blocked.”

Conway attacked Meadows again in the book, noting that “he wanted to be the president’s BFF,” meaning “more important than the duly elected vice president.”

Insiders reached out to Meadows for comment.

Last December, Meadows released his memoir, The Chief’s Chief, in which he detailed his reaction to Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and subsequent hospitalization, while also describing his loyalty to the then-president, writing that he had “in dressed a giant”. Penguin Suit” to have him back in the Oval Office after the health ordeal.

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