Marvel’s Midnight Suns pre-orders are live, 4 editions and bonuses up for grabs

Marvel’s Midnight Suns takes XCOM’s tactical RPG rules and fuses them with an all-star roster of Marvel superheroes and supervillains. It arrives on PC, Xbox and PlayStation October 7th, and four versions are available for pre-order now. There are also some cool bonuses for reserving an enhanced copy – here’s what you need to know Preorders for Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns pre-order bonuses

All pre-orders include the exclusive Doctor Stranger Defenders skin. And while it’s not exactly a pre-order bonus, if you sign up to receive email announcements from 2K, you’ll get the exclusive Blade Nightstalker skin.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns tasks you with repelling Hydra, who has teamed up with the monstrous Lilith to advance her cause. To stop the threat, you’ll have access to an extensive roster of Marvel superheroes (including Spider-Man) as you face off in tactical turn-based gameplay.

The Hunter is the star of the show, “the first customizable original hero in the Marvel Universe”. You take control of the Hunter as he works alongside other legendary Marvel characters to take down Lilith, Hulk, Sabretooth and Venom. Our recent hands-on preview revealed a game that’s surprisingly different from XCOm despite coming from the same studio.

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