Johnny Depp Amber Heard live: Actor says she doesn’t hold jury responsible for verdict in Today Show interview

Amber Heard opens up about Johnny Depp’s verdict in first TV interview

Amber Heard is set to give her first television interview since losing her multimillion-dollar libel battle against ex-husband Johnny Depp this Friday.

The session with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, which will air June 17 at 8 p.m. EST, comes over two weeks after Depp emerged victorious in his $50 million defamation case against Heard after three days of deliberations by a jury, which also earned her a partial victory her counter suit.

In a preview clip released Monday, Heard revealed that she doesn’t hold the jury responsible for going against her.

“I don’t blame them. I actually understand. He’s a popular character and people feel like they know him. He’s a fantastic actor,” she said.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million for alleging he abused her in the comment, which read, “I’ve spoken out against sexual violence — and faced the wrath of our culture.” That needs to change.”

Though she didn’t name him, Depp claimed her allegations had massively impacted his career. Heard was pursuing a $100 million countersuit, accusing Depp of running a “defamation campaign” against her.


Depp releases new song about pitfalls of fame

Fresh from his trial win, Depp released a new song about the pitfalls of fame.

The track, entitled “This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr,” is performed with Jeff Beck and is taken from the duo’s forthcoming album together. 18which will be released on July 15th.

Said to be singing about forties movie star Lamarr, the lyrics to the first stanza read: “Obliterated by the same world that made her a star… The light of her being, her exotic appeal / Was torn at the seams because she dared to.” to dream / It’s so hard to speak when you’re frozen in screams…Feels like a dream but it’s life and death.”

In the chorus, Depp sings, ​“I don’t believe, I can’t believe, I won’t believe people anymore.” Elsewhere, he laments, “It’s so hard to talk when nobody’s listening and everyone’s staring at you while you tremble with fear.”

that of the independent Ellie Harrison has more:

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 9:40 p.m


Depp gains 10 million TikTok followers after posting message to fans

The TikTok account that Depp started after the defamation trial surpassed 10 million followers within 24 hours of posting his first video.

On June 7, the 58-year-old shared his first and only video on the platform and thanked his fans for their support.

He praised her for being “respected, loyal and unwavering” over clips of him playing guitar on stage and greeting fans outside the courthouse where the Fairfax County, Virginia trial was playing out.

“We’ve seen everything together. We walked the same path together,” he said Pirates of the Caribbean Star.

that of the independent Annabel Nugent has more:

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 21:10


According to Heard’s attorney, “tremendous amounts of evidence were suppressed” at the trial.

The day after the sentencing hearing, Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, said that “a tremendous amount of evidence was suppressed” during the week-long trial.

“What really happened here is a story of two trials. Johnny Depp has sued in the UK for the same case,” Ms Bredehoft said in reference to Depp’s 2020 defamation lawsuit in the UK The sunwho had called him a “woman beater” because of Heard’s allegations.

“The burden of proof was easier for him The sun actually had to prove it was true. And the court found there — and we weren’t allowed to tell the jury that — but the court found that Mr. Depp committed at least 12 counts of domestic violence, including sexual violence against Amber.

“What did Depp’s team learn from this? Demonize Amber and suppress the evidence. We had an enormous amount of evidence that was suppressed in this case in the UK case. In the UK case, Amber won and Mr Depp lost.”

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 8:40 p.m


Social media “didn’t play any part” in the jury’s verdict, says Depp’s attorney

One of Depp’s lawyers, who made the rounds on TV last week, claimed so social media “didn’t play any part” in the jury’s verdict.

Ben Chew, who represented them pirates Actors in the Fairfax, Va., trial dismissed claims by Heard’s legal team that the social media frenzy surrounding the case may have affected the outcome.

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 8:10 p.m


Depp’s Attorney Camille Vasquez Shuts Down Dating Rumors With The Actor

Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez has once again denied rumors that she was dating her client last week.

Depp’s supporters created memes depicting Vasquez as Marvel’s Thor and even posted TikToks set to romantic music of the couple holding hands and speaking intimately.

In a recent interview with personsVasquez addressed the fan and tabloid speculation that she was in a romantic relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean Star.

“I think it’s part of being a woman just doing her job,” she said.

“It’s disappointing that certain outlets walked by or said that my interactions with Johnny – who is a friend and whom I’ve known and represented for four and a half years – that my interactions were in any way inappropriate or unprofessional. That’s disappointing to hear.”

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 7:40 p.m


Unlikely Iconic Johnny Depp Stars vs. Amber Heard

Fans of the separated couple documented extensively on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter every move and manner of the plaintiff and defendant in court, the arguments of their lawyers, the judge’s interventions and a plethora of colorful testimonies that amounted to dry trials for spectator sport.

All of this has raised disapproving eyebrows in some quarters, raising concerns that the real issue at the heart of the case, domestic violenceShe got lost in a viral soap opera in bad taste.

While that criticism is more than justified, there’s no question that The Trial offered exceptional spectacle and a cast of unforgettable supporting characters who found themselves unlikely to become iconic stars.

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 7:10 p.m


Depp could drop claims for damages against Heard if she drops the appeal, lawyers suggest

Depp’s lawyers showed up Good morning America last week and suggested the actor could forgo the $8.35 million in damages Heard owes if she drops her planned appeal.

Attorney Ben Chew said the case was never about money for Mr Depp but he could not reveal much more due to attorney-client privilege.

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 6:40 p.m


How much do Depp and Heard owe each other?

Depp prevailed in his $50million (£40million) defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard over allegations of domestic violence on June 1.

A seven-person civil jury in Virginia found that Ms. Heard defamed the case Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts Star when she implied he had abused her in a comment in 2018 The Washington Post.

The jury also upheld one of Ms Heard’s three allegations in a $100million counterclaim against Mr Depp and his lawyer, who in 2016 called their original allegations “ambush” and “fraud”.

Neither side got the full amount they wanted.

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 6:10 p.m


The interview heard comes as the appeal looms

The day after the June 1 sentencing hearing, Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, said her client would “absolutely” appeal.

Heard is expected to address the appeal in her interview with NBC, which airs this week.

Until then, here are the three attorneys that were spoken to The Independent‘s Clémence Michallon said of their possible appeals:

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 5:40 p.m


Depp and Heard face an uphill battle to rebuild images

After an explosive six-week defamation trial followed by millions on social media and live TV, Johnny Depp and belongs to amber Everyone faces an uphill battle: trying to rebuild their image and career.

Depp already has a head start, with a jury verdict on Wednesday largely favoring his narrative that his ex-wife defamed him by accusing him of abusing her.

“Depp has to climb a hill. Heard has a mountain to climb,” said Eric Dezenhall, a crisis mitigator in Washington without involvement in the case.

Megan LeavesJune 13, 2022 5:10 p.m

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