How to scoop ice cream easily

How to scoop ice cream easily

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  • Having grown up in an ice cream shop, I know that scooping frozen solid ice is a tiring job.
  • I’ll tell you a secret: there is a special ice cream scoop that makes it easier and faster.
  • Thanks to heat-conducting liquid in the handle and a sharp-edged bowl, the Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop pours smoothly.

If you ask me, every season is ice season. Still, there’s no doubt that there’s something special about an ice cream cone on a summer’s night. I grew up around sweet, frozen treats – my aunt and uncle ran an ice cream wholesale business in New York’s Hudson Valley. I was taught an important tip early on: refreezing melted ice cream messes up the texture, so keep it frozen as tightly as possible.

Unfortunately, that means it’s very hard to scoop, as anyone who’s had a summer job at a scoop shop knows.

The good news is twofold. First, ice cream from your freezer will never be as rock solid as the gallons from the industrial walk-in freezer my aunt and uncle used. You had to wear a parka to even go inside. Second, there’s a tool that makes it easier: the Zeroll ice cream scoop, which lets you serve solid ice cream without softening it first.

Yes, the ice cream scoop you use matters.

To get a good scoop out of hard ice cream, you need to forget about regular spoons and go for an ice cream scoop. It might seem like a lot to spend $20 on a unitasking tool, but the Zeroll is good enough for its one job to be worth it. It’s not just a round scoop with blunt sides – the Zeroll’s oval bowl has a thin, almost sharp edge that helps cut through the ice cream and any admixtures.

The Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop is a favorite among scoop shops for a reason

An enlarged image of the bowl of the Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop, next to an image of the ice cream scoop scooping vanilla ice cream

Lily Alig/Insider

The handle is also thoughtfully designed. Not only is the Zeroll comfortable to use for both left-handed and right-handed players, the grip has a thermally conductive liquid that absorbs your body heat to soften the ice. This innovation, along with the old trick of running the spoon under hot water, quickly finishes frozen pints.

I got perfectly rounded balls of frozen solid ice cream.

We’ve all taken a knife to a tub of solid Rocky Road in frustration, resulting in random globs of ice cream in your mug. The Zeroll gives you a round scoop that fits perfectly in a cone or bowl, allowing you to stack flavors to create the perfect sundae. The ice cream slides right off the scoop, even when the flavors include sticky swirls of caramel or marshmallow.

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I’m hesitant to recommend single-use kitchenware, but as an ice cream lover, I adore the Zeroll scoop. The smart and simple design makes it a staple in your kitchen this summer.

Advantages: Scoops hard ice easier than a spoon, makes round balls

Disadvantages: Not dishwasher safe

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