How plate tectonics, mountains, and deep-sea sediments have sustained Earth’s “Goldilocks” climate

An erupting volcano, part of the Earth’s tectonic cycle. (Credit: Salvatore Allegra/AP)

This article was originally published at The conversation. (opens in new tab) The publication contributed the article to Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

Dietmar Mueller (opens in new tab)Professor of Geophysics, University of Sydney
Adriana Dutkiewicz (opens in new tab)ARC Future Fellow, University of Sydney
Andrew Merdith (opens in new tab)Research Fellow, University of Leeds
Ben Mather (opens in new tab)Research Fellow, University of Sydney
Christopher Gonzales (opens in new tab)Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
Sabin Zahirovic (opens in new tab)Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Sydney
Tobias Keller (opens in new tab)Senior Scientist in Computational Geosciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Weronika Gorczyk (opens in new tab)The University of Western Australia
Jo Condon (opens in new tab)Honorary Researcher, The University of Melbourne

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