Georgetown law professor who slammed Biden Black SCOTUS pick resigns

  • Ilya Shapiro tweeted that Biden would select a “smaller black woman” for the Supreme Court Justice in January.
  • Georgetown Law resumed his role on June 2 after an investigation and a month-long suspension.
  • But he resigned Monday, saying Georgetown Law “does not value free speech.”

A Georgetown University Law Center professor who tweeted that President Joe Biden would select a “smaller black woman” for the Supreme Court resigned Monday after four months in office.

Ilya Shapiro drew widespread criticism in January after saying Biden would balk at identity politics if he nominated a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyers, who announced his resignation in January.

Shapiro wrote in now-deleted tweets that Biden’s “best choice” was Sri Srinivasan, Chief Justice of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, but that he “doesn’t fit the latest intersectionality hierarchy, so we’re going to get fewer black women.”

William Treanor, the dean of Georgetown Law, said at the time that the comments were “appalling” and Georgetown students later occupied an auditorium to demand Shapiro’s removal.

Shapiro was scheduled to take up his position as an associate professor at Georgetown Law on February 1, but was immediately placed on leave while the university investigated his comments.

Shapiro apologized for the tweets Amid the backlash, he called his comments “unartful.”

Georgetown Law completed its investigation and reprized Shapiro on June 2, but he eventually resigned on Monday, he wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed announcing his retirement.

“Dean William Treanor technically absolved me of not being an employee when I tweeted, but that [report’s findings] implicitly rescinding Georgetown’s speech and expression policy and preparing myself for discipline the next time I break progressive orthodoxy,” he wrote.

“Instead of participating in this slow motion shot, I step back.”

in the a follow-up tweet posted on MondayShapiro called Georgetown Law “a place that doesn’t value freedom of speech.”

“In the name of DEI, it stifles intellectual diversity, undermines equal opportunity and shuts out dissenting voices,” he said, using the acronym for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Georgetown Law did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Biden eventually selected Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace Breyers on the Supreme Court when he retires this summer. Jackson will become the first black woman in US history to serve on the Supreme Court.

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