Funny Overwatch clip shows Tracer dodging Hanzo arrows with an emote

An Overwatch player unintentionally flexes against their opponent after one of Tracer’s emotes causes them to dodge any shots that are fired at them.

There are certain unwritten rules in the over watch Community that has grown from years of playing the game. One of these rules relates to propriety in the pre-game free-for-all mini-game that players can choose to play while waiting for competitive play. Instead of staring at a menu and a random one over watch Heroes staring at the player, they can be placed on one of the deathmatch maps where they can hang out with friends.

Usually a over watch Players who use Emotes mode show that they are friendly and pacifist and don’t want to get into the mode to “warm up” the mechanics. Sometimes a player will intentionally or unintentionally damage or kill a peaceful player while just waiting for the actual game to begin. Either the other players all turn around and get the disturber or ignore them. A hilarious interaction was posted on Reddit that served up a page of instant karma to the abuser.


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Reddit user needusername please posted this clip of them hanging out with Sombra and Mei at Kanezaka’s cat cafe. A chill moment in one of Overwatch’s The cutest rooms are interrupted when a Hanzo player walks in while the Tracer player launches a back-to-the-door emote. Usually getting stuck in an emote when an enemy player comes down is an instant death. Somehow, in this player’s infinite foresight, they chose the “Warmup” emote, which sees Tracer perform athletic leaps before firing out her signature blinks.

The Hanzo player fires arrows into the noncombatants’ space and at the Tracer, but Tracer’s emote flashes at the perfect time and the Hanzo misses. They squirm and fire at the tracer’s new position, but miss again. In an act of frustration, shame, and disgrace, the Hanzo player uses Storm Arrows to rely less on aiming and finish the kill against the elusive Tracer. The clip ends there, but fans can assume Sombra and Mei dealt a street penalty in the room afterwards.

The clip is funny primarily because Tracer has his back turned, seemingly unaware of the threat. But like an overpowered anime character, she dodges incoming attacks without even noticing Hanzo’s presence. Using the Storm Arrows may have killed the Tracer, but only added to the slapstick hilarity of the interaction. It’s a desperate game to reassert dominance in a situation that could have been avoided if only the Hanzo had played by the rules of engagement in the over watch Deathmatch Queue.

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