French official resigns after car is set on fire twice in five months

An elected French civil servant in the commune of Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, just outside Tours, has decided to resign after her car was set on fire outside her home twice in just five months.

Saint-Pierre-des-Corps mayor Emmanuel François said this week that his deputy for housing, Gania Bougadba, has decided to resign after claiming she feels threatened and terrorized.

“She cannot continue to exercise a mandate while she is being oppressed, oppressed, terrorized, it makes no sense,” Mayor François said, noting that her responsibilities had been transferred to other elected officials earlier this week, France Bleu reports.

Bougadba’s car was subjected to arson twice in five months last year, with the last attack occurring in late December. Another arson attack took place the same evening at the home of Laurence Lefèvre, who had placed boxes on the door of his home and set them on fire.

At the time, Mayor François described the arson as attempted murder and said: “I am outraged and outraged. I condemn these acts in the strongest possible terms.” According to France Bleu, the arsonists have yet to be identified and the investigation into the attacks is ongoing.

Mayor François this week commented on the extent of the threats and violence against local officials and said he was not afraid despite the attack on his own doctor’s office.

“What worries me about the future is the increase in violence in our society. It is high time that politicians lead by example,” he said.

Attacks on elected officials in France have become a growing problem, according to a 2021 report that found that the number of attacks on French mayors the year before had tripled in 2020.

The Association of Mayors of France (AMF) said that in 2020 a total of 1,276 acts of aggression, including threats and acts of violence, were directed against French mayors and at least 60 parliamentarians were attacked that year.

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