Fortnite’s latest live event was a giant mech battle

A great battle took place today Fourteen days‘s latest live event – featuring a gigantic mech as well as some clues as to what to expect from the game’s next season. If you missed the roller coaster-like experience, you can check out what happened in the video above.

Before the event really started, players were transported to an icy space station where they could kill time using giant cannons to take out a series of asteroids orbiting the station while listening to characters like Agent Jones and The Origin bicker about a speaker. Then they were given a mission: stop a powerful weapon that could wipe out all life on the island.

It turns out that this space station was actually home to a giant mech (one that looks oddly familiar) that made its way to the island to repel the invading forces. Players didn’t pilot the mech themselves, instead taking control of turrets to destroy tanks, airships, and other forces. The early stages of the event felt very much like a fast-paced arcade game, albeit one with some beautiful cutscenes interspersed with the action, as well as the occasional quick-time event for things like healing the mech or wielding a giant lightsaber to do .

Eventually, the mech went down, leading to an infiltration on foot, with Jones guiding players through a series of battles centered around the mysterious Zero Point, which was a central point Fourteen days tradition for years. This led to a confrontation with Doctor Slone – who has seemingly become the game’s main antagonist – before the mech finally saved the day. The event ended with Jones and The Foundation – a character voiced by Dwayne Johnson – jumping into zero to… well, it’s unclear exactly what happened.

For now, players will have to wait to find out what’s next: Fourteen days is currently ahead of next season. But there are a few clues as to what to expect. At one point during the live event, Darth Vader appeared briefly while fighting Obi-Wan, and the current “To be continued” loading screen shows what appears to be a forest full of bioluminescent plants. Fourteen days Developer Epic is currently streaming this loading screen with very relaxing music.

Today’s event was just the latest in what has become a core part of the Fourteen days Experience. The one-off live events began with a rocket launch in 2018 and have since included everything from a battle with Galactus to an alien invasion and an all-consuming black hole. The current chapter of the game began with one such event, when the entire battle royale island collapsed last December.

Fourteen daysThe next season – Chapter 3: Season 3 – is expected to start tomorrow.

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