FBI agents did not read Miranda’s rights or allow him to call his attorney

Former White House economic adviser Peter Navarro filed a motion in federal court in Washington, DC on Friday alleging that the FBI agents who arrested him last week did not read his to him miranda rights or to allow him access to his lawyer.

Navarro was arrested last week for contempt of Congress while boarding a plane at Reagan National Airport. He declined to cooperate with the January 6 Committee, citing claims of executive privilege and constitutional objections.

Navarro is asking the court to force the FBI to produce documents supporting his arrest. In his application he claims:

In order to establish key facts in this case, including facts related to the defendant’s motion for continuation, the defendant requests that the prosecution promptly provide: (1) all video and audio recordings of the defendant’s arrest from the passenger boarding bridge at Reagan Airport to the FBI Holding Facility, (2) full transcripts of the interviews, (3) all notes contributing to the report issued by Special Agents Walter Giardina and Special Agent Sebastian Gardner on June 6, 2022; and (4) signed affidavits by Special Agents Walter Giardina and Sebastian Gardner, who denied that the defendant had requested legal counsel on the jetway to which he was being taken and stated that his Miranda rights were waived from a written piece of paper were read aloud.

The defendant further requests that the prosecution disclose any role it may have played and provide all related documents just minutes before the indictment, rather than allowing the defendant to request legal advice during his time in detention prior to the judge’s hearing after the defendant expressly asked to be able to do this immediately after his arrest in the passenger boarding bridge.

Once the defendant requested legal advice, agents should have read a written card from the defendant of his Miranda rights and do everything in their power to allow him to make a call to seek legal advice, as he had long requested in his court Looks. They failed to do so, thereby depriving the accused of adequate legal counsel.

He also claims that he was handcuffed and shackled and held in a cell without water.

Navarro was given a public defender but says she was unfamiliar with the facts of the case. He represents himself.

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