Evil Dead: The Game adds Army of Darkness update update with new map, exploration mode and more

Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games today released a new update for their co-op PvP/PvE multiplayer game Evil Dead: The Game. The new Army of Darkness-themed update introduces the location of Castle Kandar from the film as a map, as well as weapons, cosmetics and a new single-player exploration mode. Army of Darkness is the third installment in the Evil Dead franchise and is about Ash Williams, who in the past fought an army of Deadites while trying to return home.

The Army of Darkness map is free and includes many famous locations from the film such as: B. Castle Kandar, Windmill, the Arthurian Outpost, Fort Gort and the Castle Kandar Keep. In addition to the new map, you can also use two new weapons: the Mace, a slow but powerful melee weapon, and the Explosive Crossbow, which has a slow reload time but packs a punch.