Elden Ring players transform into carts, racers into mines

For those wondering what an Elden Ring kart racer would look like, a group of players delivers and shares a fun clip of a race through a mine.

elden ring and cart racing might be the last thing you’d expect in the same sentence, but actually the game’s fanbase found a way to make it happen. A group of elden ring Player shared a video of them transforming into mine carts and speeding through part of the Lands Between.

This didn’t require any mods as the Redditors used the Mimic Veil instead. This elden ring The tool allows players to disguise themselves as an item found around them and is typically used extensively in co-op play. Have fun for example elden ring Invasions used a Mimic Veil, essentially turning the Invasion into a Prop Hunt match. However, for a group of friends trying to have fun and have fun, the Mimic Veil can prove just as entertaining.


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The clip in question is from Reddit users and elden ring Players bsmiff, and once it starts, viewers will likely have a hard time holding back a laugh. Watching four mine carts follow each other down a flight of stairs is hilarious, and mines are usually full of enemies and forgestones that need upgrading elden ring‘s weapons, this particular mine became a racetrack for this group of players. The longer the short race lasts, the more entertaining the clip becomes.

After making it to the end of the stages, the group of players will cross over one of the thin wooden beams found in certain ones elden ring mines. Usually, players take it easy on these sidewalks to avoid a misstep. However, with a running race, these four players don’t have time to slow down. After dashing to the other side, bsmiff climb another flight of stairs and reach the end of the track, falling to their deaths from the wooden platform – seemingly winning the race in the process.

While the clip would have been funny enough on its own, the reference to the Mario Kart titled series Elden Ring card made it even better. Another major highlight was the appropriate choice of music, which went perfectly with the light-hearted tone of the video. While The Lands Between usually sees players facing some terrifying threats, it’s fun to see some fans enjoy the game mechanics. As such, the footage deserves the 5,500 upvotes it has received so far.

There were many memorable co-op moments elden ring already, and there will probably be many more to come over time. Next time players get the chance to transform into a mine cart and have a race, it could prove to be a nice change from the game’s usual challenges.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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