Elden Ring Player shares clip of boss-killing glitch

elden ring is a huge game with layers of systems and mechanics built on top of each other. This doesn’t just mean that it will usually last elden ring Players tens of hours – if not replays of the game – to discover everything elden ring has to offer, but it also means that some players will miss out on hard-to-find aspects of elden ring fully. Certain disruptions, such as those found and exploited by speedrunners, are an incredibly rare example of this. But one thing elden ring The player recently managed to use such a bug for an endgame boss fight.


A video clip shared by Reddit user UnkemptTuba48 shows what appears to be an impossible endgame defeat elden ring Boss. The player is currently facing a very different boss fight, Sir Gideon Ofnir. They summoned an ally with a Furled Finger and apply their buffs before starting the fight. However, when they finish their summoning to protect the Earth Tree, “Legend Felled” appears on the screen and they get the memory of Hoarah Loux.

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The ones who played elden ring Before will remember that Hoarah Loux is a boss encountered after defeating Sir Gideon Ofnir, a boss that is not near where the player was standing. In other words, there is no way for them to have lawfully killed Hoarah Loux. If the cropped video looks like a bug, that’s because it is.

Although it’s impossible to say exactly what killed Hoarah Loux without a more thorough understanding of the elden ring Game state at this particular point in time there is a very likely explanation. There is a glitch speedrunners can use to spawn a boss while despawning their boss arena. The boss then falls to his death, providing an instant kill. This elden ring However, the exploit is usually very difficult to set up and run, so how this player managed to do it without knowing the bug is a mystery.

In fact, this clip might be particularly interesting elden ring speed runner. Not every speedrun involves defeating Hoarah Loux, but for those that do, it can be a quick way to kill her. Whether the bug can be reproduced and completed on command is another story entirely.

It just shows that any given playthrough of elden ring can surprise in unexpected ways. Maybe it’s an enemy hidden in a previously unexplored cave, a piece of armor or weapon that drops that wasn’t dropped before, or one of those elden ring‘s toughest bosses fall through the earth before they’re even reached. Sometimes, FromSoftware adds layers to their games without even trying.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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