Elden Ring Player makes Albert Einstein

elden ring, the latest title from FromSoftware, gives players a lot of control over the gaming experience. Players can choose their class, their weapons, the activities they want to do, and specific skills. You can also use elden ring‘s epic character creator to create unique and detailed avatars. Some dedicated fans of the title have even taken to recreating real people in the game, like the Reddit user who recently posted the likeness of a famous historical figure they created.


There are many things that elden ring is better than other FromSoftware games that include character creation. The creator allows players to fully customize their characters, so it should come as no surprise that some imaginative fans are unleashing the full power of the title’s in-game tools.

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In a recent photo on Reddit, user oEmersonKs showed off his creation, which looks almost identical to Albert Einstein. The character has a quirky look that certainly begs to be explored elden ring‘s open world hysterical. The Einstein-inspired avatar was created using in-game tools to sculpt everything from eyes to chin. OEmersonKs is hardly the first person to use the character creator to make someone famous, although her creation is definitely one of the most thorough.

Of course, the avatar aesthetic doesn’t correlate to the difficulty of the title. elden ring Players who beat the game didn’t do it because they have cool characters. But the ability to be imaginative is something that a lot of video games work hard on, and the fact that elden ring does it so well there is nothing to scoff at. Indeed, there are many aspects of the title, such as the in-game exploration and the sprawling dungeons, that require players to get creative in order to succeed. However, it cannot be denied that the character customizer in elden ring is one of the most obvious and fun examples of the creativity that the title inspires.

Most players don’t have the patience or skill to create avatars as detailed as oEmersonK’s. Fortunately, that’s not the point. elden ring is a hard game that can be very frustrating at times. But with in-game tools like the character creator, FromSoftware offers players many experiences that are just plain fun. Some players are done elden ring multiple times, while others are content to explore the Lands Between and never fully complete the title. no matter who plays elden ring offers a thought-provoking experience that will captivate fans at every turn.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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