Elden Ring player dies ridiculously from Glitched Enemy

Although the bosses are in elden ring are undoubtedly the most memorable battles in the game, some of the regular enemies in the Lands Between can stand out due to their placement in the world. For example some elden ring Enemies will transform into larger enemies and attack the player, although recently one of those transformations hilariously failed.

There are a handful of transforming enemies to be found within elden ring‘s world, from simple mobs to far more powerful enemies. In addition to the Runebear and Grafted Scion transformations, players can find a Lion Warden outside of Leyndell. When players enter some ruins, they will encounter a simple enemy crouching in the corner. If they take them down, the enemy will turn into a massive Lion Guard, one of the strongest regular enemies in the Lands Between.


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That’s exactly what a clip by Reddit user and elden ring Player Penchkeg, where the player is aware of the jump scare that happens when the crouched enemy is killed. After drinking a few bottles to prepare for the upcoming fight, the Redditor stabs the enemy in the back, killing them instantly. They still transform into a lion guard, but instead of landing on the ground as intended, they get stuck in the corner and keep falling down.

In addition to a funny sound when the opponent keeps bumping into the wall, the clip is notable for the confusion Penchkeg displays. Although they seem to have fought the enemy before, they probably didn’t expect it to erupt like this. Although they could keep walking or try slashing him from the front for a free kill, they instead went around the stuck Lion Guardian and got a good view of the trapped enemy to get a better clip. However, her decision to go behind it proved fatal when Penchkeg learned it was actually a buggy elden ring Enemy can be dangerous.

Dubbed by the Redditor as one of the “stupidest ways to die” in FromSoftware games, the clip sees them being kicked to death by the falling lion guard. Similar to the enemy, Penchkeg is completely trapped and unable to move as his health bar is rapidly depleted. It seems like the game treats every drop of the boss as if it were landing on the Tainted, with the rapid falls quickly killing the inquisitive player.

Since FromSoftware’s latest game is so extensive, it’s no surprise that there have been several elden ring Glitches found since release. While this footage was hilarious to the 16,000 players who upvoted it, Penchkeg was probably a lot less happy about being felled by this flawed lion guard.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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