Elden Ring Player destroys Malenia in an impressive clip

An Elden Ring player shares an impressive clip of Malenia being completely destroyed by incantations as they win without taking a single hit.

elden ring features multiple difficult boss battles against intimidating enemies. It probably has more bosses than other games from developer FromSoftware, and many are notoriously difficult. Some elden ring Boss fights were known for being too tough at launch, but FromSoftware released several updates to better balance these encounters.

Malenia is arguably the toughest boss in elden ring, and some consider her one of the most challenging enemies in all FromSoftware games. She likely gained a following due to her design, backstory, and difficulty, as fans have been creating beautiful Malenia fan art since the game’s release. Many players will likely die from Malenia multiple times before defeating her, but one thing elden ring Fan shows how effective spells can be in this fight.


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A Reddit user named DaddyWhoGames uploaded a video of their fight against Malenia. DaddyWhoGames uses a Faith build and defeats both phases of Malenia, casting various summons that deal massive damage. They have little health left and are just one hit away from dying, but they make good use of these summons’ unique animations to dodge their attacks.

The player opens the fight with the Frenzied Burst and uses Burn O Flame! to deal area damage to Malenia. The animation of Burn O Flame! involves the user crouching to make the move, and DaddyWhoGames times this perfectly to dodge Malenia’s attacks. They consume their health with Catch Flame as the fight enters its second phase.

DaddyWhoGames uses “Flame Give Me Strength” to boost her damage output before casting “Flame of the Cruel God” to hurl a fireball at Malenia. The user again Burn O Flame! to perfection, dodging their attacks and dealing significant damage before finishing them off. Stunning video shows DaddyWhoGames defeating Malenia without taking a single hit.

In the comments, they state that they had 80 Faith, with the Faith knot Crystal Tear adding another 10. The full build also includes various elden ring Talismans that increase their damage output for this fight. On the other hand, they only assigned 10 points to the Vigor stat, but given the skills shown in this clip, they probably don’t need health anymore. Many players jokingly mention that DaddyWhoGames doesn’t pass Vigor checks, a term used for players who are low on max health due to not leveling Vigor.

elden ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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