EA is responding to rumors about the work of the “Skeleton Crew” on Battlefield 2042

EA, the publisher of Battlefield 2042, is responding to rumors that it has essentially abandoned the latest shooter to prioritize newer titles.

While Battlefield 2042 Didn’t have the best start with DICE’s latest shooter being dubbed a disastrous start by fans, both publisher EA and the developer have been working to improve the game since its early days. After months of fixing some of the most obvious and game-changing bugs Battlefield 2042introducing new features and more, it’s clear that neither DICE nor EA has left the FPS in an incomplete state entirely.

However, it could be so Battlefield 2042 will soon be run by a so-called “skeleton crew”. Recent reports suggest that EA only has a small number of employees working on the game, mainly to deliver the multiplayer seasons promised to buyers Battlefield 2042. These reports paint the picture that EA and DICE see Battlefield 2042 as something to work on out of commitment rather than trying to turn the game around.


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EA has since claimed that’s not the case and that rumors of a “skeleton crew” are being worked on Battlefield 2042 are untrue. EA instead explained that alongside some support studios, there is a “significant” team working at DICE focused on “development and improvement.” Battlefield 2042 for all players. The publisher also noted that it listens to its player base and processes the feedback from it. This might explain why progress was slow for something Battlefield 2042considering the game’s first season is set to launch this week, more than six months after the game’s initial release.

According to the rumors, a smaller team of developers is working on it Battlefield 2042 also claimed that DICE and EA’s main priority now is to get a new one battlefield Title goes as soon as possible. Rumors about a new one were already circulating in April of this year battlefield Game was in development, which in turn led some fans to believe that work on Battlefield 2042 was not to save the game, but to fulfill promises made to those who pre-ordered it.

If Battlefield 2042 will be abandoned by EA and DICE is currently unknown, but it seems that both companies would rather put past mistakes behind them. With new features not liked by battlefield Fans have admitted to DICE that it has learned valuable lessons from the negative reception of its latest game. However, it’s more possible for the developer to show their teachings in a new game rather than take on the task of fixing the current one.

Battlefield 2042 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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