Dungeons and Dragons player showcases beautiful liquid-core dice

Like most dungeons Players can attest that a player’s dice set is often a glimpse into their soul. Tieflings with sharp-edged red dice, Bards with Tupperware made from dozens of multi-colored dice, Wizards with worn-out dice in a velvet pouch, and Dungeon Masters with several handpicked D20s, each used for very specific purposes, all tell a story. The deeper you dive dungeons, the more dice count. However, what a new set of handcrafted “Liquid Core” dice from Spellbound says is something else entirely.


Spellbound is one of several dice maker boutiques that have sprung up in recent years, producing handcrafted dice sets that have incredibly beautiful aesthetics (and prices to match). Her latest creation has been attracting a lot of attention lately dungeons fan subreddit. The post was titled “I Made Some Liquid Core Cubes! [oc]’ and presented a short video of its creation. It deserves a look just to see what kind of magic Spellbound has captured.

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In the video, Spellbound rolls one of their new D20s to show what their dice look like in motion. Dubbed Jupiter by Spellbound, the cube is a “black and glittery” set with a liquid core at its center. This glass ball center is filled with a mixture of glycerine, water and various glitters. The result, as can be seen, is a beautiful shimmer of gold, green and red that can shift long after a dice has stopped rolling.

Some mechanically thinking dungeons Players may wonder if the liquid core affects the balance of the dice, making it less random. Spellbound says the liquid core’s weight is similar to that of a standard core, so it stays centered, and there’s a “very minimal” air pocket in it so the weight stays evenly distributed. However, those who want a perfectly balanced dice set will likely want something machine tested.

To match its beauty, Spellbound also commands a sizable price tag for one of its liquid-core Jupiter dice sets. Pre-orders are currently available at a price of $180 for a 7-piece dice set, although a D20 alone can be pre-ordered for $50. The price reflects the time and resources it takes to create these handcrafted dice, so prospective adopters should make sure they’re a good fit dungeons Budget.

Spellbound says they had the Jupiter set in mind with an Arcane Trickster Rogue, but they also think it would suit Grave Clerics as well. dungeons Of course, players know that any given dice set can be customized to suit their character – especially when the dice set costs $180.

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