Donald Trump Jr. calls Johnny Depp the ‘first man to win an argument with a woman’ after Amber Heard’s verdict.

Donald Trump Jr. has hailed Johnny Depp as “the first man to win an argument with a woman.” Pirates of the Caribbean The actor was awarded $10.35 million in damages in his high-profile defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son posted a meme on his Instagram page on Friday that featured a photo of Mr Depp with his fist clenched in the air.

“Johnny Depp will always be remembered as the first man to win an argument with a woman,” the meme reads.

Mr. Trump Jr. captioned the Instagram post with his own trivial remark: “Precedent breaker!!!”

On Wednesday, Mr Depp won his defamation lawsuit against Ms Heard after a seven-person jury found she had defamed him on all three counts in a 2018 opinion The Washington Post.

In the op-ed, Ms Heard described herself as a victim of domestic violence and spoke of “feeling the full brunt of our culture’s wrath on women who speak up”.

The jury awarded Mr. Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages before Fairfax County Circuit Judge Penney Azcarate reduced the latter to the state’s legal limit of $350,000 .

Ms Heard won one of her three counterclaims against her ex-husband, with the jury finding that Mr Depp – through his attorney Adam Waldman – defamed her by branding her allegations of abuse as “falsification” and “a sexual assault hoax”.

She received $2 million in compensatory damages but $0 in punitive damages, leaving the Aquaman actress with $8.35 million out of pocket.

Ms Heard described the verdict as “a setback” for women who speak out about abuse allegations, and her lawyer has already announced that she will appeal.

Meanwhile, Mr Depp said the jury “gave my life back to me” with the verdict.

For six weeks, jurors listened as both actors made damning allegations of domestic violence against each other in a case that drew worldwide attention, and fans flocked to the Virginia courthouse to catch a glimpse of the dramatic trial.

Donald Trump Jr. celebrated Johnny Depp’s victory in the case

(Donald Trump Jr./Instagram)

Several celebrities and public figures have spoken out following Wednesday’s verdict – some out of joy, others out of sympathy.

The former president’s son has repeatedly dealt with the case, both before and after the jury’s verdict.

Last week, Mr Trump Jr was slammed by social media users for implying an apparent lack of male support for Ms Heard to “tell” about the case.

“Perhaps the most telling part of Amber Turd’s trial is that apparently not a single man came out in her defense and said she was great,” he tweeted May 28.

He was mocked by social media users for his comments, with some calling him a “court jester” and others saying: “Men love to have a woman to throw [their] misogyny without backlash”.

After the verdict was announced, Mr Trump Jr once again showed his support for Mr Depp and slammed the “crazy” movement to believe women who make allegations of abuse.

“Believe all women… except Amber Heard,” he wrote on social media.

“Amber Heard is a unifier. The one thing that all Americans seem to basically agree on is that Amber Heard is terrible.

She also probably single-handedly ended the crazy ‘do all women believe regardless of facts’ movement because it’s so horrible. Well done.”

In another post, he shared an undated photo of Vice President Kamala Harris and Ms. Heard, writing “seems legit.”

Several other Republicans also threw their support behind Mr Depp after the ruling.

On Wednesday, the GOP House Justice shared a GIF of Mr Depp in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

The GIF was retweeted by Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who is under investigation by the Justice Department for child sex trafficking.

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