Clever Marvel Spider-Man Player Reveals Miles Morales Build

In spite of Marvel’s Spider-Man At three and a half, fans are still finding ways to have fun with the Insomniac Games title. For example, a recent video shows a Marvel’s Spider-Man Player’s Miles Morales build, and the fan does a good job of replicating the character’s Venom Strikes.

Obviously, a super powered Miles Morales isn’t playable in the first one Marvel’s Spider-Man Game. While players control Miles for some of Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s stealth missions, its gameplay is not like its own game. As such, recreating Miles’ electrical prowess, albeit loosely, is an impressive feat. However, Reddit user Natemophi was up to the challenge and made a usable Miles Morales build as a joke.


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Although this build originated as a fun game with the “we got this at home” meme, it actually looks like a lot of fun from the footage shared by the Reddit user. The key to making the build work is the Electric Punch ability, which is obtained through the Electrically Insulated Suit. This ability allows Peter Parker to charge up his punches, and hitting the ground actually creates the electricity chain between groups of enemies. That’s exactly what the Redditor does in the clip, electrocuting his enemies before knocking them down just like Miles Morales would.

Perhaps the best part is that the Reddit user attempted to cast the role by wearing the Secret War suit, one of many alternate costumes Marvel’s Spider-Man. While nothing quite quite matches Miles’ signature black and red outfit, this suit might be the best fit as it has some red straps like Miles’ iconic attire. Unfortunately, it has a large blue spider symbol on the back and a smaller one on the front, both of which stand out. On the plus side, the suit’s spiders match the blue electricity wielded by the Redditor.

Since Miles’ lighting is yellow and the blue spider symbols make Peter’s suit look good but not entirely accurate, Natemophi managed to create her Miles Morales meme. Unsurprisingly, fans of the game loved this video of the older Spidey impersonating his crime-fighting partner, with the post garnering over 1,600 upvotes. The best comment came from a Redditor, who dubbed this build “Kilometers Morales,” continuing the joke that’s almost like the real deal.

While the build was made for fun, it’s a good reminder of how fun it is Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s Suit abilities can be, and those who still play the game regularly may want to try the Electric Punch. Considering that a Marvel’s Avengers player also created a Miles Morales class, many players seem to love using the hero’s lightning powers.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for PS4 and PS5. A PC version will be released on August 12th.

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