Classified military documents leaked by War Thunder players for the third time

A player of Gaijin Entertainment’s MMO combat simulator War Thunder has again posted confidential military documents on the game’s forum, according to the UK Defense Journal (via PC Gamer). The leak describes a secret piece of Chinese military hardware: the DTC10-125, a 125mm sabot round. Compatible with various Chinese main battle tanks, the DTC10-125 is excellent at taking out enemy tanks. The player behind the leaks didn’t just post the DTC10-125’s documentation — he posted a photo of his documentation showing the projectile in question sitting just above the paperwork. Of course, the Chinese authorities are not pleased.

But contrary to what one might think, this move was not a calculated attack on the Chinese government motivated by any political ideology. No, the reason these secret details were leaked was that the in-game version of War Thunder’s classified projectile was not accurate enough. A perceived lack of accuracy was also the motive when members of the War Thunder forums revealed specifications of the British Challenger 2 tank in July 2021 and later the secret details of a French tank in October 2021.

War Thunder is known for its detailed approximations of real military equipment.

In particular, it’s possible that these so-called inaccuracies were just placeholder values ​​that weren’t meant to represent the final in-game product. A Resetera forum user named Nobleman Swerve offered a possible explanation for the inaccuracies, stating that Gaijin Entertainment recently shut down a publicly facing development server and previewed upcoming content, and that this server could be the source of all the confusion.

“The game recently shut down a public-facing development server that was previewing the upcoming content drop,” explained the forums user. “The thing about these development servers is that the stats for things like armor, penetration, or flight models are usually placeholders that may change upon final release. So what happened was that the developer added this shell to the server, but copied and pasted values ​​from the previous version as placeholders. This poster saw that, freaked out, and posted treason to correct what’s publicly communicated as placeholder values.”

In a statement to PC Gamer, Gaijin Entertainment stated that the post containing the leaked military information was removed as soon as the game studio became aware of it, and the user responsible for the leaked photo was immediately banned. Gaijin Entertainment later released a statement publicly addressing the issue and asking War Thunder players not to do anything illegal in the future.

“While we understand that our players want the game to be as realistic as possible, we kindly ask them not to do anything illegal and compromise their safety [the] Safety of members of our community team,” the developers claimed.

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