Cat Game Stray, exclusive to PlayStation console, reveals beautiful new screenshots

Cat and platform game fans were excited to learn more about it Stray since its reveal in 2020. Since then, the game has been delayed, but now that it’s about to be released, the developer is sharing some new images.

Stray is a futuristic adventure game about a little cat getting lost in a world populated by robots. Players are given direct control of the cat and must find a way to bring the cat home by exploring the world and solving platform puzzles.


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Stray is now set to be released in July, and alongside a new teaser trailer came the new images. Some of the images focus solely on the robots, with one lounging on a rooftop and another couple at what appears to be a food stall. However, the cat also makes multiple appearances, including an adorable image of the cat sitting in a bucket, likely using it to traverse a cable to which it is attached, like a human would with a zip line.

In the blog post, the images are from that Stray Team also discusses the development process of the game. Bringing a cat to life in a realistic and believable way was one of the main intentions of the developers. The vast majority of the development team have their own cats, and the studio also has two cats that keep the developers company as they work. Additionally, the cat animation was edited by a team member named Miko, who carefully studied the cat video clips and images. The end result looks promising as the cat moves on its feet with ease demonstrating its flexibility in stretching and jumping and looks very much like a real cat.

Due to the cat’s small size and jumping ability, the game gives players unique ways to navigate the world around them that a humanoid would not be able to. The post also explains the little bot named B-12 that follows the cat. The bot will allow the lost cat to communicate with other robots found in the game, which will help flesh out the backstory of the world and its inhabitants.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait much longer to give Stray a vortex. The game now has an official launch date of July 19th. Considering that June 2022 is packed with game releases and events, this should be a good time for the game to land.

Stray Slated for release on July 19th for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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