Boxing champion Tyson Fury is said to be banned from flying to the United States

  • Tyson Fury is apparently banned from entering the United States.
  • It is reportedly due to his association with alleged cocaine king Daniel Kinahan.
  • Boxing manager Kinahan, an Irishman living in Dubai, was recently sanctioned by the US government.

Tyson Fury, one of the world’s top athletes, has apparently been banned from flying to the US.

US officials have twice blocked the world heavyweight boxing champion from entering the country since the US government imposed sanctions on boxing manager and suspected crime boss Daniel Kinahan in April.

Irish Sun crime reporter Stephen Breen, who has been an authority on Kinahan coverage for over a decade, tweeted on Saturday that the 33-year-old fighter was denied entry to the States for “the second time”.

Breen reported that Fury had tried to “board a flight from Manchester” in England the day before.

The tabloid reported Fury complained to officers present at the airport at the time about his grounding.

It added that Fury had attempted to fly to the US earlier in the month but was also denied permission to board.

The Sun source said “he wasn’t happy” after customs officials “told him not to get on the plane”.

According to The Sun, he had previously been told the ban was due to his “involvement” in Kinahan.

Insiders contacted Fury regarding the details in this story but did not receive an immediate response.

Tyson’s father appeared to acknowledge the family’s travel woes in a YouTube video

John Fury, Tyson’s father.

Photo from YouTube

Fury’s father John Fury appeared to confirm the fighter’s travel issues in a recent YouTube which has since been removed from the platform, according to The Irish Mirror.

Commenting on Tommy Fury’s fight against Jake Paul at Madison Square Garden in New York City on August 6, John Fury lamented that Tommy’s “team members are not allowed in America at this time”.

He said, “We can’t travel… so Madison Square Garden, mate… isn’t accessible to us, is it?”

According to the US Treasury Department, Kinahan “procures large quantities of cocaine”.

Daniel Kinahan.

Daniel Kinahan.

Photo by Anything Goes with James English / YouTube

Kinahan, an Irishman living in Dubai, has never been convicted of a crime.

The accused figurehead of an organized crime group is currently wanted by US authorities after the US government publicly imposed economic sanctions on Kinahan in April, saying he was sourcing “large quantities of cocaine from South America” ​​to distribute to Ireland.

The US State Department said Kinahan’s gang, known as the Kinahan Organized Crime Group, has interests in hard drugs and guns.

And according to a special criminal court in Ireland, it has practiced execution-style murders, as Insider previously detailed.

Insider has reached out to Kinahan’s legal representatives for comment for the past few months, but we’re told they could not take “directions” from Kinahan.

Daniel Kinahan.

Daniel Kinahan.

Photo by Getty Images and Daniel Kinahan

When Fury last fought – a sixth-round knockout win over Dillian Whyte in April – he was uncomfortable speaking about his relationship with Kinahan, having received boxing and career advice in the past.

Fury finally said he had “nothing to hide”. He was last seen at a media event with Kinahan on a rooftop in Dubai earlier this year.

“Because I had my picture taken with a man doesn’t make me a criminal,” Fury said. “I’m just a boxer.”

Fury is one of several people in British boxing who appear to be banned from flying to the US

Fury isn’t the only person in boxing to have been slapped with a travel ban to the US.

Boxing trainer Ben Davison, who has spoken positively about Kinahan, also had visa problems.

Ben Davison, boxing coach.

Ben Davison, boxing coach.

Photo by James English/YouTube

Devin Haney previously told Insider that Davison was “scheduled” to meet him in the US and then travel with him to Australia to meet on March 4.

“Right now he’s working on his visa,” Haney said.

Insider contacted Davison but never received a response.

Riath Al-Samarrai, a sports writer at the Daily Mail, reported in May that Sky Sports presenter Matthew Macklin was prevented from flying to the US to be deployed as a pundit because of his own ties to Kinahan.

Kinahan and Macklin co-founded MGM Marbella – a boxing gym – in 2012 before it transitioned into MTK Global, a boxing management company.

MTK Global suspended operations in late April, citing “unfair scrutiny and criticism” of its ties to Kinahan.

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