Biden uses air marshals to escort border workers to the United States before release

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses Federal Air Marshals to escort frontier workers and illegal aliens to American communities before their release, sources close to Breitbart News reveal.

As the Biden administration continues to monitor record-breaking waves of illegal immigration, air marshals have been deployed to escort frontier workers and illegal aliens from processing facilities on the United States-Mexico border into the care of border security officers before being released into the U.S. interior.

The catch-and-release process, which Breitbart News exclusively details, ensures that frontier workers and illegal immigrants are apprehended, briefly detained, and then paroled to American communities where they can be granted work permits.

In one sector in Arizona, more than 30 air marshals have been deployed to facilitate the mass release of frontier workers and illegal aliens, a source said. The trial is so widespread that, according to a source, many arrive at the border expecting to receive parole.

“They just say, ‘Where’s my probation?’ They’re aggressive,” the source said. “You know exactly what’s coming. The whole job of the Air Marshals is to lead them 50 meters.”

The source said that in Arizona, at least 9 in 10 frontier workers and illegal aliens arrested at the border will be released to the US on parole. From February 2021 to May 2022, Biden’s DHS released over a million cross-border commuters and illegal aliens into the US communities.

Breitbart News twice reached out to DHS for comment, but agency officials did not respond at the time of this publication.

Former President Donald Trump’s administration deployed Air Marshals to the border to augment manpower back in 2019 amid a wave of illegal immigration.

In the Biden administration, Air Marshals escorting frontier workers and illegal aliens before their release into the U.S. interior is part of a broader effort to turn the border into a mere checkpoint for aliens.

Most recently, Biden agency officials announced that nearly 1,000 border workers and illegal aliens had been released after arriving at the border and were allowed to use arrest warrants and deportation warrants as proof of identity for domestic commercial flights at the border.

Likewise, Biden is considering issuing ID cards to frontier workers and illegal aliens so they can move more freely in American communities, making it easier to secure public benefits.

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